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3.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Very friendly atmosphere and helpful people especially in higher levels

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Mostly very friendly place to work in. People are generally helpful, especially the Supervisory and Managerial persons.The work is challenging yet gives joy with each success. Your difficulties are discussed and you are guided to overcome them. Great people and place to work in. I felt happy working there.The break times were short and could be changed and extended suitably. Salary could be raised.

Points positifs

Work atmosphere is good.

Points négatifs

Personal benefits, break time and salary could be bettered.
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Not Recommended

I learned a lot but when it comes to the valuation of employees then it's zero. in the terms of payment is not good and ultimately why we are working for money and they value your work. when they have lots if hours than they will force to work as many hours you can and do not care about any other policy or call handling rules and regulation. but when they do not have enough business then they play games with employees and fire them as a result of not good performance etc. so its better

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Not Recommended

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Not Recommended
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Deceptive company run by scum and slime

Avoid at all costs. Terrible company run by terrible people, don't trust management, doublecheck your pay, and don't bother showing up past training.

Points positifs

It's a job

Points négatifs

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I work of Sirius XM at Zedd and that closed .but the Manager nd team was very friendly ,supportive till I worked there. Payment was basic salary which was the only issue

Points positifs

Good team

Points négatifs

Basic pay
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Long hours

They will hire anyone, even if you have less experience. They underpay and have high expectations. The hours are very crazy long. A typical shift will be from 8:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., which will leave you to not having any time for yourself. The pay should be much higher. Being in front of a screen for that long will drain you to the point where you don't feel as yourself anymore.

Points positifs

Amazing coworkers

Points négatifs

Long hours, high expectations, long hours in front of a screen
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Horrid Environment

Management doesn't know how to handle their staff. Most of them are clueless and looks like they don't know what they are doing. Lots of back and forth. Threatens you to make sales or you get sent home. Pay is already low and you lose more hours. Your job is not stable. I notice a lot of people leave. Doesn't care about your health at all. During the pandemic we still worked WITHOUT masks. Ask you to come in even on your days off. Only move up in the company if they like you or close with someone from management. Doesn't give everyone a chance. Overall stressful and horrible experience and environment.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

low pay, unprofessional staff and management, bad hours, not stable
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They asked a lot but pay less and create new rules every week and don’t the care about the health of the workers just tell them to make sales and blackmail them if they don’t or make lose they hours .

Points positifs


Points négatifs

The shift timing are bad
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Exploitation of all employees

A forced minimum wage is not what this job deserves. Long hours to live with impoverished payment. Brings a person nowhere fast. Upper management has zero clue of what a living wage is and how it would actually boost many of their failings. Many years ago they paid a premium wage vs minimum. This actually meant they employed some talent. As long as you can breathe, read the words in front of your face and actually know how to use a computer. Your the slave that will get the job.

Points négatifs

Long hours at poor pay
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There seemed to be a division in how the business is being run. Not all teams ate on the same page

Easy to get hiredVery relaxed atmosphere sometimes too relaxed.Cliques at every level in the business Shame that some of the people and culture can't be changed to be more business minded.

Points positifs

Too much free pizza

Points négatifs

Rate of pay
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Team work environment

Cooperation and Team work , lots of area for new learning , great team leaders and managers , clean and safe environment , parking concessions and safety , easy leave considerations.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Fixed shifts
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Don't work their

Co workers are great and management is unprofessional. They don't care about your personal life or appreciate your hard work. They treat you like a number and not a person
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It was good temporary work

Long term is not ideal and can be stressful. but short term wasint bad. The problem i had was that they did some things that would not be legal And goes against by laws
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Productive and competitive

Good experience.As employees you will feel good growth every day. As per it comes to improving your communication you're at the right place. They will train you to make sure that you succeed in a positive way
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It was good.

It was a good experience. I enjoyed working with this company. the work atmosphere is good. They do not want to miss their " human resources " once you are in.
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Fun place to make sales

If you like minimum wage, and just need something to pay the bills this is a great opportunity to grow! Lunch room, Subway underneath, decent breaks and overtime available Spent literally every moment at work at the computer on the phone making calls to customers who aren't always pleased to speak with you. If you can tune that out, than this job is for you! Best Wishes and Good Luck
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Productive and encouraging environment

Managed by highly qualifies management.Great experience and services offered.Highly team oriented and consist of a creative environment.Work gets more exciting and interesting day by day.
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Zedd Customer Solutions is Morally corrupt

During our global pandemic, while our province is in a declared state of emergency, Zedd Customer Solutions is continuing to run business as usual. Apparently calling people unsolicited to upgrade their cable packages, or their satellite radio subscriptions has been deemed an essential service. More essential than the health and safety of those of us hired to create that profit and drive those sales. We are not customer care, our authority lies solely in increasing revenue. Many employees at Zedd have babies or young children at home, and a lot of the people working at this minimum wage job, including myself, have chronic preexisting conditions. Not to mention the employees who are seniors, or who take care of elderly parents. I heard numerous times, first-hand from upper management that the novel coronavirus "is just a common cold" and that "we are all going to get it anyways". Price gouging pensioners on a fixed income should not be considered an essential service and the fact that it has been allowed to be classified as such is morally reprehensible.
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Great people with great enthusiasm

I came across people with great enthusiasm almost everywhere. It is not easy for anyone to pursue a sales job which is really fast paced. I am glad I made new connections.
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produvtive and fun place

management and team leads were very helpful always try to give extra training to achieve goals. also have ongoing group training sessions every month.
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a typical day at work involves, logging in to the phone dialer. Waiting for customers to call you and giving solutions to solve problems with specific items.
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Productive and Fun Place.

Goal Oriented, Leaded by Leaders not boss, Team Lunch, Sales Commission is good depending on the Campaign, Flexible Hours, Motivating environment, Good Clients.
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