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Stocking Associate24 avis
Canada24 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It was fun working there, everyone was nice to each other. Work time can be pretty flexible. Manager are here for us and help us a lot when you need help.
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Very physically demanding

I worked there for a few weeks back in 2021, and the workload was physically demanding. My co-workers were kind but the work was very very tiring. Also, the back is not at the back of the store, but at the other side of the mall. So, to move around the stock, we had to bypass the customers in a packed store and then walk a bit among the customers of the mall. After that, we had to enter a hall where the stocks of different shopping stores were which was like a maze (it took me a week to remember). Then we had to take an elevator and walk down a hall to finally enter the “back door” of the Zara store. It became a nightmare when the wheels of the racks broke and then I had to drag a rack or two full of garments to the stock room. Also, at the time I was working, the stock was not that organized, so it can take a while to find a garment the customer wants in the stock room. So, that can become annoying. If you’re not willing to do all of that for a minimum wage, then don’t apply.
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Productive and fun workplace

Productive and fun workplace. People are professional and personable. The job is straightforward. The wage is decent compared to other retail stores.
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Ok place to work!

Stock room was very disorganized for most of the duration that I was working there. But work was the same everyday, and I knew what was always expected.
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It was fun

As a first ever job that I had it was quite awesome! I liked it. Had great coworkers, a cute uniform and did not have to interact with customers that much. It was fun to find the required products to be placed on the floor. The only issued I had was they they were giving me way more hours than they were supposed too.

Points positifs

Store discount

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good workplace

Pretty good job for a student. Fair pay and good colleagues. It can be stressful sometimes but overall it’s a good job for a student. Also the benefits are good
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The whole environment is good for working.

I feel good while working at Zara sherway gardens Mall etobicoke. All the supervisors are nice and give commands properly with good behavior but obviously so fast. We can enjoy music while working over there. Actually I love to work over there cause of neat and clean environment with good people.Thanks
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It’s a pretty easy job to get, probably not the worst job ever, but not great. They really work you hard, management isn’t super nice.

It’s a pretty easy job to get, probably not the worst job ever, but not great. They really work you hard, management isn’t super nice. The queen street Zara is worse than the others.
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Fun team members, caring managers, low wage

The co-workers definitely make the job enjoyable, everyone is supportive. Managers are helpful, always open for any question, always check on you to see if you need any help.I work in the stockroom so it gets pretty repetitive but there're always things to do back there so time flies.Part-time workers don't get many perks except for 25% discount on all items after 3-month probation
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Is a good place to work and get some employees discount, however they don't pay enough

Zara has an amazing environment and everybody is so nice and helpful, the manager also is really nice, the only thing I don't like is they pay just minimum wage and is more the effort that you do

Points positifs

Employees discount Fun environment

Points négatifs

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Stocking warehouse

I learnt former job to be patient and collaborative my coworkers One thing hardest into zara warehouse was small area Not easy move pallet or cages shipments I had not stop retail and clean clothes and organized when the costumers were tried I felt enjoyed with my coworkers and meet new people they are from different cultures we were friendly did not annoyed with hardworking
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Good Luck

As much as the store is a disaster, just wait until you start work here, its all fun and games at first but whoever the manager is best friends with, they will get all the best hours or just even hours in the first place.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Managment, no work-life balance, unbalaced hours, completely disorganized
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They encouraged work productivity in a healthy manner and celebrated our accomplishments. I felt respected and trusted when I earned it and looked forward to work. It was rushed at times but that comes with every work environment.

Points positifs

Hour lunches, chances to advance your career, solid hours

Points négatifs

Super time sensitive
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fun and friendly environment to work at

I had fun working with my co-workers especially on downtime, but most of the year it's a fast pace workplace. Managers communicate well and they treat everyone equally.
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The work itself is fairly easy and actually enjoyable to do. I learned how to work efficiently. It is a very physical job. They are not flexible with their hours, not a good job for students.
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best place to learn

I've been working for Zara for a year by now ,I have to admit I've learned a lot , but since Zara is a very busy store comparing to other retail stores it's up to you to keep learning and growing up. At the same time that some employees care and are willing to learn more some others are just like 'whatever' . if you are a hard worker who wants to learn more and gain better skills I recommend it to you , but if you are a student looking for some pocket money and not really interested to retail I have to say Zara can be a annoying job for you since it's always busy and needs high demand.

Points positifs

Perfect place for learning and growing up

Points négatifs

can be stressfull
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You get a lot of hours if you are good a work

if you want a lot of hours and if you are good at working and meeting their standards, they would give you hours. Its get stressful at times as they make you continously work without taking a break
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Workplace Environment

Pretty much enjoyable but really toxic with managers. A lot of biases going on and honestly takes forever for chances for promotions. Their "packages" literally take 6-9 months just to confirm your promotion. Job was a lot more physically harder than other retail stores, schedules are not really flexible. People tend to quit a lot cause of management. DO NOT recommend for anyone wanting to start retail.

Points positifs

just commission, discount is only 2%

Points négatifs

Long hours, biases, overworked, toxic work environment
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Making sure inventory is put away and keeping track of the inventory coming in stores and leaving the store. Dealing with all types of different customers but always keeping in mind the customer is right.
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Overall working at Zara made me never want to set foot in the store again. Management at the time was very unorganized and made it seem like it was ones own fault. They treat their employees like trash always talking down being very condescending and rude when you didn't even deserve it. The store was always very messy and chaotic as well as long overdue for a renovation. Clean up was a nightmare although this was the customers fault because they would just throw things all over the place and their wasnt enough presence on the floor to deal with these matters until close. the most enjoyable part was that I met some truly friendly people but I also met all sorts of liars and people that would smile at you and steal your employee card, as well as $25 christmas cards.

Points positifs

Good pay and good hours when you're needed

Points négatifs

Rude management, poor work-life balance
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Worst working experience I had.

Inditex, the parent group who owns Zara, is clearly doesn't want to take responsibility and change their unethical conduct. This particular Zara is an expert in the sphere. They will look at you as some one worthy only if you do not question authority and ready to follow orders with no comments. This is the worst place I've worked at, which disregards your opinion and morals about business ethics and culture. The typical day at the stock would include to file clothes where they belong or to get clothes on the floor from the stock. Both are hard to do, because the apparels are old, and the application on the iPod is inaccurate due to the management and employees. Management and employees are ready to screw you up for their personal benefits, and even the human resources is not so welcoming, although they all seem to be nice at first. BELIEVE ME, YOU WANT TO AVOID THIS PLACE.

Points positifs

Full-time benefits and 25% discount on clothes.

Points négatifs

Management is inexperienced, employees too, the turnover rate is very high (4-6 people leaving and apply every 2 weeks), Very hard to follow the most simple schemes at work, because no one else is following (including management)
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