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Retail Sales Associate17 avis
Canada17 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Working at Zara offers a dynamic experience within the fast-paced world of fashion retail. As a sales associate, I found the environment to be both exhilarating and demanding. Zara's commitment to staying on-trend means constant new arrivals and a busy store atmosphere. This kept shifts interesting, as there was always something new to learn and showcase to customers.One of the highlights of working at Zara was the emphasis on customer service and style advice. I enjoyed assisting customers in putting together outfits and recommending pieces based on their preferences. The management was supportive, providing training and constructive feedback to help improve performance.However, the job could be physically demanding during busy periods, requiring stamina and the ability to multitask efficiently. Balancing customer needs with maintaining store standards was key.Overall, working at Zara was a rewarding experience for someone passionate about fashion and customer interaction. It offered insight into the workings of a global retail giant and honed my ability to thrive in a bustling retail environment.
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nice people, great work environment although work hours fluctuate.work was straight forward and pretty easy. mostly stocking, keeping up with inventory
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Ok place to work

Is not a bad place, it can be fun unless you are stuck at fitting rooms. Overall ok, you get bonuses as well depending on sales the store had. Flexible schedule also a good thing
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Horrible management

Though the people you work with are one of the best people, management are just plain horrible and ignorant. I’ve worked with them on a regular basis as a full time employee and I was disrespected multiple times, getting in trouble when it was not my fault. When it comes to scheduling, they are the worst, I was trying to book off a few days in the month of June and I was told that I can’t as it was during blackout period even if I booked it over a month in advance.

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Points négatifs

horrible management
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Nor Recommended

I only recommend working here for 16-18 year old girls only to afford going out with their friends. There is no professional environment and basically no room for growth or enhance your skills. It doesn't even require grade 12 to get hired there meaning the job classification is extremely low. Besides, there are usually there are heavy workloads and it even gets worse when some employees call sick and then, you will be all by your self doing everyone's job.

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Points négatifs

Low benefits, Lots of work
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Horrible place to work at.

The most mismanaged company I have ever worked at. Management is a group of incompetent leaders on a power trip. Work load is insane and the stores are ALWAYS understaffed and staff turnover rate before probation is over is through the roof. HR and Head Office employees will come visit the store occasionally and disrespect and dehumanize all the sales associates and any employee who works below them. This company is a horrible place to work at, multiple coworkers and managers have quit on the spot and have had complete nervous breakdowns on the job because of the disgusting working conditions and horrible treatment from managers/supervisors/HR/head office/trainers. Save yourself some peace of mind and do not work at Zara. Sincerely, someone who worked there for over a year.

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

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Not for students

They don't respect your hours, they are always understaffed so they make you take on more hours to compensate. The discounts were nice but not worth ruining your mental health for a pair of jeans as the store is always busy even without sales, the music is so loud it makes you want to cry.

Points positifs

25% discount even on sale items

Points négatifs

not for students
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The discounts are nice but it is a difficult job

Employees aren't treated as good as other retial companies. It is a nice ambient to work at but for the work we do, we should get paid more.
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is nice to work there as sales advisor but to heavy in weekends

Nice to work in Zara always a clean Place, is estressing sometime because the work is heavy for the sales. but well page for a student part time work .

Points positifs

good for part time student worl

Points négatifs

Charged Work sometime and heavy whit customers
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fun but tiring workplace

got underpaid for work done. did hours and hours of work and expected a good amount of pay plus orientation money. was also told it was 15 per hour plus commission and it wasn’t i got underpaid
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A stressful workplace

It's a very busy and stressful place to work at. I left due to how a manager at the store I worked at treated me. I felt uncomfortable working there. Other than that, it could be a great place to work at if you enjoy fashion.
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Long hours, can’t even sit down for 5 hours Changing their policy all the time, I was originally hired for children’s wear and when I go to work, I am suddenly in Lady’s wear. I told them I am a university student and I cannot work for too long during interview. They told me it is okay. Now I requested to work for 16 hours a week. The manager told me I have to work for 20hrs or they cannot have me there. I am quitting.
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Very VERY long hours

They’ll book you for ridiculous 12 hour shifts and work you on your feet all day. Very stressful job with not a lot of training. Nothing positive about my experience there.

Points positifs

Discount but it’s not that good and you get it after six months

Points négatifs

Long hours. Stressful environment. Cliques. Terrible and rude management
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Fun workplace, good co-workers, clean store.

I learned professional ethics, team work, communication, fashion sense, customer service, dressing sense, time management, some store management skills.

Points positifs

Clean store
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productive work environment

a typical work at Zara is quite simple. going about your day, preforming the tasks at hand with the utmost speed and concentration with the help of the Zara team was quite enjoyable.
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Great workplace to grow your network

A typical day at work will consist of serving customers, making sure the space is nice and tidy as well as consistently replenishing the floor with products.

Points positifs

Grow your network by meeting a lot of interesting people

Points négatifs

not enough room for advancement
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Experience and lesson learned.

Too much work but they will make you tough and better person personally.

Points positifs

15 % off in all Zara items

Points négatifs

No guaranteed hours
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Retail Sales Associate chez ZARA

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17,81 $ par heure

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