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Montréal, QC49 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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- possibilités d'évolutions rapides réelles.- très formateur si on travaille sur soi.- horaires de travail assez équilibrés si temps partiel, assez difficile si temps plein. - salaire correct sur le marché mais en dessous si on note la quantité de travail et de stress.
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Like you would imagine

Basic job, like any other retail job. Have to be ready for drama and chaos but overall it is repetitive and requires patience. The only good thing can be the employee discount.
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Fast paced, learn a lot but bad pay

Great place to work if you like fast paced environmentand you learn a lot however the pay doesn’t match the responsibilities and no room to ask for pay upgrade
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awesome co workers

fun environment and a lot to learn. good managers and flexible hours. employment discount and the possibility to het promotion after some months. minimum payement
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Pas pour les étudiants

La gestion est chaotique. Les managers sont des tyrans. Travail trop stressant pour un étudiant. Le salaire est bon. L’équipe interne employés etc, rendent mes journées tellement plus agréables par contre.
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It was fun

As a first ever job that I had it was quite awesome! I liked it. Had great coworkers, a cute uniform and did not have to interact with customers that much. It was fun to find the required products to be placed on the floor. The only issued I had was they they were giving me way more hours than they were supposed too.

Points positifs

Store discount

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Not for students

They don't respect your hours, they are always understaffed so they make you take on more hours to compensate. The discounts were nice but not worth ruining your mental health for a pair of jeans as the store is always busy even without sales, the music is so loud it makes you want to cry.

Points positifs

25% discount even on sale items

Points négatifs

not for students
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The discounts are nice but it is a difficult job

Employees aren't treated as good as other retial companies. It is a nice ambient to work at but for the work we do, we should get paid more.
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Not bad

I was in there just looking, did not expent much time and did not get a big expirience out of this job, because everyone was leaving. I think it is because of the dress code, and the low salary. They ask for too much and give you so few... overload
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It's an okay job..

Working at Zara isn't easy especially because there are always returns and they take a reasonable amount of time since you have to retag every item that people return. If you don't go fast people get impatient and lines get long so doing the cash is probably the most stressful thing to do at Zara. I only did stock a little bit during my 10 months of working there but it was the most chill part of the job you have to be fast at finding things in the stock room (but it's easy with the device you use). Managers at my store specifically were all over the place because there are different managers for kids, men, women and stock. The information does NOT get passed down to other managers. Some days your manager for your section wont be in and you will have to speak with a different one about something work-related but they might not actually listen to you. overall this job stressed me out a lot and I eventually couldn't take it anymore. its good for people with retail experience but as a first job, I wish it could've been better.

Points positifs

Friendly staff members

Points négatifs

Management, doing the cash when theres a lot of people, returns the worst.
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Good workplace

Pretty good job for a student. Fair pay and good colleagues. It can be stressful sometimes but overall it’s a good job for a student. Also the benefits are good
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I hate it

The managers have a lot of attitude and working at Zara is going to make you tired a lot. They don’t give a break for a 5h shift and expect a lot from you. The only thing nice was the coworkers that I met, they’re kind !!
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very stressful place to work

very stressful place to work. They do not wan to employ more staff and expect the handful of staff to pick hundreds of calls per day.Yet they wan you to be productive...We dont care how you do it just pick the calls and that is all that matters to them.... Management doesnt listen to feed back from the agents and because of this the customers suffer...We have customers crying on the phone sometimes. Yes its that bad
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Good part-time job

As a student, it helps that managers are flexible with student schedule. However, they sometimes have unrealistic expectations on time completion for a certain task. Overall, I recommend it for part-time, but not full time.
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Productif et agréable

Meilleure équipe de travail que j’ai eu. Bonne collaboration.

Points positifs

Bonne ambiance

Points négatifs

Environnement stressant
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Fast paced and some times stressful environment

If you enjoy hard work and are driven by surpassing goals. This is the company for you. Lots of opportunity for growth within the company if you are willing to learn and receive feedback well.
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Parfait comme premier travaille

L'enviremont est très amical. Les managers sont comprensives et attentiones. Parfois vous devez travailler forte ...

Points positifs

25% de rabais

Points négatifs

le salaire
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Working at Zara

I didn’t like the fact that we have to be independent to learn by ourselves how the company is working. I think the best thing it’s to have a formation about the different aspects in the company to help customers with their questions and different products that they searching. I didn’t like the fact that some of the managers and employees was rude and hypocrites about everybody rather than be non judgmental.

Points positifs

Fashion and the employee discount

Points négatifs

How managers deal with their employees and the rude customers
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Having Best colleagues

The Payment is not fair at all. The only things that keeps me there is the staff and some of the managers. 8 hours standing on your feet and getting minimum wage is not really my target!!!

Points positifs

Staffs- managers

Points négatifs

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Excellent workplace to learn organizational skills and time-management

Very fast-paced workplace that was stressful at times but you do gain the knowledge of time-management and increased organizational skills. Workplace culture in-store was very clique like. Management in-store is sub-par, some managers are great and hard-working and some managers have preferences towards employs and it shows. Enjoyed my experience there but if I return to work for Zara it would be in the head office.
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Environnement de travail productif et agréable

Je travaillais au Zara pendant 2 ans. C'est une belle experience de travail. A recommandée pour les jeunes étudiants.
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