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Mississauga, ON28 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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The mangers are very weird nice to u some days but often time act like you’re beneath them. They are very unapproachable and unaccommodating. They only like you if you’re a favourite and they even treat the ppl the like poorly. The people that work there are okay but a lot of them have really bad B.O which makes it hard for you to want to know them because you can’t bring yourself to want to be near them. It pays well for a first job (above minimum wage) however the amount of stress, anxiety and unrealistic expectations that are set, aren’t worth it in my opinion.
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horrible with no respect

it sucked plain and simple. Managers don’t care about you, your co workers are horrible, and the break room is too small to accommodate everyone. There is also no real management there due to some managers dating some of the part timers.
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Fun workplace

Best place to work at . I learned a lot . I loved my work .my passion towards fashion made work in a garment store and that turned out to be best decision.
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Busy work environment depending on crowd and it can get a little hectic. Work can seem repetitive everyday doing same tasks and not changing things much
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Pretty busy location

You will have to clean over the same section multiple times in an hour. Pretty well managed but they seem to work understaffed so you will be carrying a big workload
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Fast paced

Work is fast paced. Very hectic. Long hours (8 or 5 hrs) 5 days a wk. Not very flexible with timings and therefore many hires are leaving Zara. Okay first job for students. Get to make friends. At present Zara is cutting hours due to their budget and it's very hectic and tiring. 1 person is doing atleast 2 persons job and getting paid the same. No commission, no bonus.
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Zara Visual Merchandiser

The job was ok. Pay is better than the average retail store. You are responsible for the sales of your area. Upper Management is annoying. The store is very disorganized in the stock room.
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Racist and prejudiced

Working here was the worst professional experience I have had to date. It was a toxic work culture with people disliked or favoured and treated by the management accordingly. As the payment was minimum wage for a regular employee with no bonuses I don’t recommend working here.

Points positifs

None that I experienced

Points négatifs

Shift work, bad management
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Amazing coworkers and management

Management was so supportive and kind. The coworkers were friendly and helpful. It is very fast based and busy and there is a lot of cleaning involved. Overall I loved working there
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coworkers make it bearable to work at but the infrastructure and management could be a lot better

It’s a good starting off point into the retail business but I wouldn’t recommend anyone staying for long term. It’s very face paced, high expectations and very overwhelming at times

Points positifs

The Pay

Points négatifs

the multitude of things you have to do at a time
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It felt like a very toxic work environment and the majority of co-workers were not friendly or helpful. There was barely any training and they kinda just expected you to know what to do. The hours were really long and the breaks were given way too late a lot of the time. You get an employee discount of 25% but not until you've been working for 3 months so it's kinda unfair. Would not suggest

Points positifs

cannot think of any

Points négatifs

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The better you are at your job, the more they overwork you. Sometimes you’ll work 5-6 days straight, 8 hour shifts as a part timer so the hours are good but it’s very exhausting. The customers are rude and disrespectful, the managers are mean and yell at you in the back and belittle you. Do not work here.
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worked here for too long

this place was the absolute worst (most of the time). customers are entitled and messy. management doesn’t care about you unless you’ve worked there for years. requesting days off was always a hassle, management (especially gm) would say “it’s a request that doesn’t mean we will give it to you”. remember if you need the day off just call in sick anyways. even if you’re really sick and call in they still expect you to come in, you would think during covid they would be a lot nicer about it…nope. they will still give you a hassle about calling in sick. overall it’s a very toxic environment and you have the management to blame for that. they work you too hard for the amount you’re getting paid. if you’re closing always expect to stay back late. don’t work here unless you really really need a job other than that it’s not worth it. don’t waste your time on a company that doesn’t care about you. once again it was a very toxic environment the only thing good were the hours and your coworkers. they will make the experience more manageable. also take what the management says with a grain of salt. they will subtly attack you and try to hurt you, don’t take them too seriously they don’t have live cause their lives revolve around zara. it’s like a cult.

Points positifs

great coworkers

Points négatifs

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Stressful and Bad General Manager

General Manager ruined many people’s experience and livelihood. Zara isn’t managed properly and the General Manager yells at employees for faults that isn’t theirs. I believe it is against the law to be abusive towards your employees especially in a position of authority and this general manager he tells at everyone and is abusive emotionally and stresses out employees which is why the store is so stressful to work in and always a mess and has such a high turnover rate and also why clothes are always on the floor. He is always yelling at people for his own mistakes that he blames on all his subordinates when you should lead by example not by yelling and being abusive.

Points positifs

Friendly co-workers except for General Manager

Points négatifs

Stressful, Not worth the Salary, Emotionally Straining
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Bad management

The opration manager is very rude and very dominant . She also criticizes employees in the company And is the only reason one would dislike work environment there .
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Great Company To Start

Good place to start and get good hours. They appreciate hard work and promote you fast if one is committed and hardworking. Staff earn commissions on top of the minimum wages.
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Honestly you will make some great friends and memories here. The management is awful, they are rude and will throw you under the bus with customers and head office. Head office does not respond to emails or complaints about management. The customers that are from the surrounding areas are extremely entitled and disrespectful. People complain about how messy the store is but they do not realize that they are the reason it is messy and you are always under staffed. You are overworked, it is long hours and the managers expect you to be free and available for anything they need and if you are not they will just not give you shifts. The cleaning at the end of the night is ridiculous. If you want hours and to work like slaves you can make money here, but at what cost? P.S if you are ever missing hours or your pay is off, just know you must find your managers mistake.

Points positifs

Can work as much as you want

Points négatifs

Long hours, no work life balance (fails to follow availability), poor management
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Great people, not so great work

day to day you are dealing with customers on the floor and keeping the store clean and tidy, running the fitting room, folding clothes.you may get assigned to work in the stockroom and handle that especially when a new shipment of merchandise arrives.

Points positifs

Fun co-workers

Points négatifs

Deal with some horrible customers
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Labour intense

must work efficiently, being able to carry heavy weights daily. you have to deal with a lot of difficult customers they do not train you well, also forces you to train.
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Horrible Place to work

The managers were so shady sketchy and rude. They definitely had favourites, because they didn't treat everyone the same. This made it super hard to feel welcomed and comfortable at the workplace. I feel like my great customer service abilities were irrelevant at this job because they didn't care about customer service. I noticed this while being a cashier because when customers wanted to speak to the manager, they expected you to say that they were busy meanwhile they were in the employee room gossiping about others and their personal lives. I actually remember vividly going to the bathroom during my shift and getting yelled at because of it , in front the other employees. Also they barely give you a proper training. Zara's human resources is also useless as well because they also don't care about customer service. When I contacted HR about my concern she never called me back
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productive and fast paced

no issues with hours as you are always needed. You learn a lot from the management and other staff. Where i worked the staff was great and i made long term friends from working at zara
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