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Edmonton, AB27 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Expectations are high

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The company expects the staff who aren’t managers to work way too hard. The schedule doesn’t reflect the amount of work so you are stuck having to do a lot of work by yourself and the support from management comes in waves. As well there is a sense of ego and gossiping with head office and management. Overall the company needs to learn the demand and realize that the staff needs more support and a better work environment.
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It was alright to work here but it could be a lot better. Manager was meh and shifts were long. Good coworkers though and we hung out a lot after shift.
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Very fun

Good people and managers, only downside is some costumers feel entitled to harass workers. But I guess it comes with every sales position. You learn very quickly although it is kinda busy.
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It's okay

It's a decent place to work. Coworkers are very helpful and friendly. But the work load is sometimes too much for those on shift particularly in the evenings.
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Good for young people

I enjoyed working for ZARA, however it's not a good job if you care about your mental health and job-life balance. This is a good start for young generation and going forward there should work people who are really enjoying crowds because ZARA stores are busy.
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  • Environnement favorable
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle

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Terrible place to work

I worked at Zara for about 2.5 years and while I learned a lot and developed myself personally. Overall the experience was extremely negative. The regional management team have very unrealistic job expectations and you only ever hear from them if they have negative feedback. Only positive feedback I would receive would be usually once a year during the formal review process. They are extremely focused on image, to a disgusting degree. I got in trouble for hiring too many girls who the regional HR manager considered too overweight to work at Zara. That was the final straw and I left shortly after. Would not recommend working here if you value your work life balance and would like to enjoy your day to day work life.

Points positifs

Clothing allowance

Points négatifs

High expectations, not enough positive feedback, unreasonable expectations
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Work here if you hate yourself, not remotely worth the pay

The expectations Zara has for its minimum wage associates are insane. There is never enough staff on shift for the amount of work, the store is huge and they expect you to keep it perfect while running around doing whatever they yell at you to do on the microphones. They threaten to fire you for everything. The customers are extremely rude, can't even blame them cause the store policies are also strict for them. Lots of gossip and drama, I never had a shift that didn't end with a customer confrontation or management yelling at you for something. This place is not worth your time, any other retail store would be better.

Points positifs

Lots of shifts, no one wants to be there

Points négatifs

Management, customers, expectations, etc.
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Job location was okay

Working at ZARA was okay. They don't give you much hours and management was okay to work with. I noticed most of the employees were university students
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Only good thing about Zara is the fact that they are big on diversity...on the other hand The turn over rate is extremely high management is poor

I’d suggest working at Zara if you find pleasure in wasting your time...hours are continuously being cut, they don’t actually make you a full time employee even when your availability is open...The management is the worst and the company thinks your personal life revolves around working with them.
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Zara is a complicated. It has its ups and downs, but its a good job during school as a student but I would not recommend working their full time. The management is alright and the culture is good. The people are nice but some of them can be problematic and the customers are sweet depending on the season but overall the job is alright.
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woman associate

*experience customer Service and how I make the customer happy *proof of personality. and how to build your capacity by dealing with customers *work as team.
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fun workplace

I learned a lot when I worked in ZARA. The management and work environment are nice.The most enjoyable part is to help customers and build a good relationship with customers.
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Unrespectful and manipulative management

Coworkers were amazing to be around, but management wise it was really horrible. From not being paid properly, to having a non-understanding management. Gossips, rumours and negative energy predominates.
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They encouraged work productivity in a healthy manner and celebrated our accomplishments. I felt respected and trusted when I earned it and looked forward to work. It was rushed at times but that comes with every work environment.

Points positifs

Hour lunches, chances to advance your career, solid hours

Points négatifs

Super time sensitive
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Sales Associate

Typical day at work will be doing truck in the morning and checking the stockroom of men's and women's area. Bring out items when we need to and take care of customer's requests
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High emphasis on employee growth

Incredibly smart and driven people who will inspire and motivate you to be better personally and professionally. Genuinely smart and nice to people to work with, good culture inspiring leadership.
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hard job

hard job base on the wage doesnt even worth it. always busy and never have support plus long hours .never able to do customer service because always have job to finish

Points positifs


Points négatifs

hard job paying less
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Fun and easy-going workplace

I have been employed at ZARA for a few years, and there has not been a day where I've despised working there. All the employees and management generally get along - fairly good communication on a day to day basis. When an employee is unsure of a task, they are able to ask a fellow coworker for help. Shifts fly by as both a cashier and a sales associate on a busy day. We're able to talk to a wide variety of customers. Saying this, we also learn to deal with difficult customers. At the end of the day, everyone works together to get the store clean and all our tasks done.

Points positifs

Manageable hours, fun work environment

Points négatifs

Difficult customers
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Working at ZARA as a Cashier and Sales Associate

A typical day at work included opening and closing cash registers, processing returns, exchanges, online orders, cash and credit discrepancies, and transfers. You would also process holds, damaged items, and alterations. You had to keep a continuous knowledge of the products and customer demands and maintain the fitting rooms. Most of all, you had to assist customers with any questions, concerns, and requests. You would have to maintain and replenish merchandise on the sales floor. I learned that you have to be patient with customers and manage your time wisely. You have to stay calm because it can be a hectic environment sometimes. You have to really pay attention to the merchandise because it changes weekly. The management was amazing in my opinion. They were understanding, efficient, smart, and made sure that you are being trained properly. The co-workers were fun, young, helpful, and passionate. The hardest part of the job is trying not to be overwhelmed in the beginning. Dealing with angry customers is also hard. You just have to grin and bear it and deal with the problem as best to your abilities. The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing all the beautiful clothes. It made me appreciate fashion and the hard work that goes behind it. Working at Zara helped me gain confidence in my abilities and helped me realize my potential.
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peace place

zara is best place I had learned so many experience based on customer service and management . I have great team at zara who can help me when I need support, as every job zara has hard side as well, as customer service; biggest point of the company .. Working on , and always get the result for customer to work as team , most enjoyable part of the job every day every time we get the know so many new things and u are able to get to work as multitasking . the best thing is about zara company, it helps u learn as a team and u get the way the solve the problems in case u want to handle it .

Points positifs

free gift card every chistmas

Points négatifs

long hours
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fun place to work in it

.meeting people .being controlled. .Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for. .Balancing cash registers with receipts.
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