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Why did you leave your job at YMCA?

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They are horrible people from top to bottom they take granted what government allowed to do and keep on firing people one after the other just because they are allowed to do and do not consider others feelings and being jobless horrible and terrible people

Seasonal Position.

Each year I returned to my university studies; however, I did not return after three consecutive summers due to another summer job opportunity that presented itself.

Absolutely hideous, incompetent supervisors

Low pay and lack of training.

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I moved to another part of town.

Poor management promoting not qualified personel crab mentality

The YMCA had some issues with their management and CEO during my time there. My emails were constantly going un-answered, people were confused when it came to who to report to and who was responsible for certain things. I left my job at the front desk as a Membership Sales & Services Rep when I went back to school in Halifax but would fill in on holidays when I was home, up until this summer. I left my Youth position when I was rejected after applying for another job within the Y that I was clearly more qualified for but new management awarded the job to someone close to them instead.

I am currently working here from the months July through September.

Completed my volunteer hours

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