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What should you wear to an interview at YMCA?

19 réponses

You need to dress professionally in a way that reflects the job description. Your attire is directly considered in the post interview evaluation.

I will wear comfort and profaction clothes

I would wear dress cod because as professional educators must be wearing the right dress code

Does not matter anything can be worn decently

The hiring managers/supervisors don't dress any differently than their normal lame black t-shirt that all employees wear, so there really is no point in putting any effort in to dressing up. Just wear a golf shirt and some jeans.

Something Nice, no jeans, in my experience they are all pretty sporty so if you have something nice and sporty that would be good

Casual or profesional

Simple dress not party wear

Casual, non-provocative, sporty.

I would wear white shirt and black pant for interview

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