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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de YMCA pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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Invest in long-term success instead of band-aids. Try actually competing with other commercial fitness facilities.

I would suggest that you not require people to get extra immunizations in order to work for you. If an adult of 50 years has already had immunizations throughout life, there should be no reason to require more. Immunizations in later adulthood should be a choice, especially considering the controversial aspects of immunization practice as it stands.

Giving opportunity to the Y staff whom are professionals and have a lot of skills, that are only doing cleaning; and have not had the chance to grow within the organization and demonstrate their capacities. Given that it all seems to be a closed circle.These individuals who want to persevere further within the organization, perhaps perceive all the time how many things can be improved in the Y. For example, creating a method to control supplies to avoid the huge daily waste, and implement many existing strategies to increase the number of members and retain them, etc. It is true that it is a non-profit organization, but what if it is managed as an organization where real innovations of some programs are implemented and new ones are created without much waste and rather better projections. I also believe the system be updated to be used by obtaining comparative list such as active vs. inactive members for ex.

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The hiring supervisors/managers need to change their approach to highly educated individuals with experience, because currently they approach things in such a negative way which reflects poorly on the organization. Currently the organization chooses to hire very young (teens/students) to do the majority of the work at the YMCA yet those roles have high turnover and so it looks like your culture is so horrible that you cannot retain any employees because even supervisory/managerial roles are posted on here every 2-3 months for the same location and for the same role. When in front of these people for an interview, they use 1980s style of hiring practices and chastise someone for not having "YMCA training" yet how is an outsider to have YMCA specific training if they've never worked at the Y? Adapt and start to educate yourselves on what education is out there and for the most part, is better than what the YMCA provides. I would also suggest that the executive teams start to take pay cuts, so that the front line employees can get a bigger piece of the pie cause a supervisor who is working at minimum wage for less than 10 hrs per week (and seasonally) is not a job! that's a volunteer position. Make your employees and potential employees feel like you actual care about them and that their efforts to become professionals in the community services/recreational field was worth it; put yourselves in their shoes for a change, and realize that you force your own employees to use services they shouldn't need to use (they are below the poverty line! from what you pay them and how many hours they work/don't work in a week).

Its all great

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