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If employee 'retainment' is so important/valued, then why are the same roles at the same locations constantly posted on here every 3-4 months?

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It’s to bad Windsor Ymca isn’t the same as other regions. And doesn’t follow correct procedures

The job comes with responsibility and may be difficult for younger adults to adjust to.
Since the YMCA provides opportunities to advance, they are always looking for new fresh staff to fill roles.

Also, if you are not sure whether you enjoy working with kids/adults you will surely find out within weeks of working at that position.

Always hiring. It's a huge facility that networks all across the province.

The same roles at the same locations are constantly posted on the indeed website every 3-4 months because of such little pay. I understand it is a non-profit organization however, if you want to retain employees, the pay should be greater for the work we do. We do so much for the kids and received no appreciation.

Because of the way management runs the organization.

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