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I've applied for membership representative positions in the past but did not hear back. I was wondering if this was because I did not submit a vulnerable police check and my professional references with the application online? I'm sure I can get these but want to know if I wasn't even considered since I did not include them?

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Call you local YMCA to be sure what their practice is. Be sure to follow the expectations as listed on the job posting. Any step missed is enough for management to followup with the other individual who has submitted everything requested or necessary.

YMCA employment services will tell you to NEVER submit any references and or police checks to a job prior to interview. So why everyone is saying differently is beyond me and why if their employment services team says one thing, why do they do differently? (YMCAs Cambridge & K-W).

You are actually punished by the Ys of Cambridge & K-W, if you provide any professional reference prior/in the interview...their hiring managers/supervisors have no idea what a "reference" actually is in the 21st century (they themselves don't give references to employees so why would they expect other employers to?)

You should of included a message saying that you do have these pieces of documentation and then later on you will be expected to show them.

It helps to have the refrences written out on the application form. Give 3 or 4 refrences

Without those they dont consider you

If they want you they will contact you to get all checks and references.

They are extremely desorganized. Also only qualified applicants are contacted.

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