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I thoroughly enjoyed my time at YP great people and great culture! Not only did I meet great people but I gained so much in terms of experience, and was able to advance my career from within.
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Fast paced

A lot of changes in a fast paced environment , pay and benefit definitely worth it . Possibility for growth within the company . I would recommend if you have a strong work ethic.
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Points forts
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
Points à améliorer
  • Satisfaction globale
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Absence de stress

Don’t recommend

Favouritism and unethical workplace. You are just a number. Used to be amazing but not anymore. Great pay though if you work 24/7. Very little work life balance.
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Work from home

Work from home. If you’re a top rep, the job is great. Steep learning curve to understand all products but if you call sell YP products, you will be successful in any sales company
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Great job fun place to work if your getting your job done and increasing business

My review is based on coming out of 8 weeks of training every day, 8 hours days. To #1 on rollings for the entire time employed with flex time and basically left alone. So as Top rep it's was great for me. But did treat employees good and gave lots of incredible perks and exciting events before every yellow page book kickoff.

Points positifs

Advancement, professional, perks, pre book kickoffs

Points négatifs

Not for me
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Good job for new comer with decent pay and friendly working environment but not the best at all. If you a fan of driving and want to challenge yourself in a big city, that’s the position for you.
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Great Place To Work For Competitive Individuals With A Strong Work Ethic

I have been with the company for close to two years and can honestly say that I have never had a job that rewards results like Yellow Pages. If you have the drive, willingness to learn and positive attitude, you will be paid handsomely. Being competitive helps as well. Management is incredibly supportive. Questions never go unanswered and they do everything they can to help you reach your goals. Top reps earn in excess of $200k+. If you are just above target, you can safely expect to earn $80-90k. If you are above 150% to target you are looking at $130-150k. All in all, a fantastic place to work for go getters who love sales.
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Yeah fun

Fun place to be Safely perform metal working activities including but not limited to job lay out, welding, cutting, fabricating, grinding and painting in structural and nonstructural applications.
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Entry level jobs are okay, the pay is not

They are anti raise, just need to start with the fact that they are very open about this. They also tend to increase workload and lay off people without giving it a second thought. Non management jobs are okay in the sense that some days are insane but some are more easy going as far as work load goes, but on the bad days you are on your own.And again, if you stay a year and say no to a higher position with more responsibilities, then you will also never make more money. Two years, five years, doesn't matter. Unless you are willing to take on more responsibilities and work more, you won't make more money. But you will see your workload perpetually increase.It's okay as a first job

Points positifs

Work life balance for entry level jobs

Points négatifs

No raises ever
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great place to work and learn

great place to work and learn.I was fortunate because my direct manager and the leader of the team were very professional. It was a great learning experience.
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Was a good place to work

Overall, was happy with my role at YP. Great money, good coworkers. Some very good managers overall. Its a great place to start your career in sales if youre willing to work hard.
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j’y travaille depuis 2003

comme conseillère en ventes de solutions numériques et traditionnelles, je pourrais travailler dans plusieurs boîtes de pub. travailler chez PJ c’est etre en partenariat avec les plus gros joueurs de l’industrie. Etre chez PJ c’est aussi le télétravail ainsi que de la représentation en personne. bref j’adore encore après presque 20 ans!

Points positifs

flexibilité d’horaire, salaire très compétitif

Points négatifs

objectif de performance
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Worst place to work

The training manager was absolutely rude. During training the group would have inappropriate conversations, which the training manager would join in. You don't pass a test you're out no second chances. Don't pay on time. No professionalism whatsoever.
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Good place to work

I had a good experience at yellow pages. Worked there for 2 years. Good people. Print media is a dying industry but it's investing alot in online advertising.

Points positifs

Laid back

Points négatifs

Small company
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Draining place to work with awful management

Worked here for a year and the management team is honestly useless, never available for questions and the training is hopeless, a lot of the training consists of being told you'll just learn things over time. Targets are outrageous for a dead company in severe debt. Wouldn't pay employees when they were out sick with covid or any other illness.
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Would not recommend

-Business is on the decline-Bad office location-Toxic management- Flexible hours- Not of lot of opportunity for advancement - Hard product to sell, no one is buying advertising

Points positifs

There is no pro

Points négatifs

Too many changes
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If you are a good poker player then this job is for you. Stretching the truth and withholding information is just part of the game. Broken systems makes it difficult to process and get your job done.
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Environnement hautement compétitif mais stimulant

Notez que depuis, les choses ont changées mais somme tout mon experience fut des plus agréable. Bonne formation, équipe de manager expérimenté (dans mes premières années) et environnement stimulant. Les choses semblent quand même avoir beaucoup changer depuis.
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Stressful for sales and a lot of pressure

The company need to sale a lot , and quick to stay on the market. A lot of pressure on sales team.The business haven't found the right business model to stay competitive yet.
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Great people, awesome synergy

I have been working with Yellow Pages for nearly 4 years, it has its challenges but the pay is way better than what I had obtained at for example Bell, and it was really refreshing to have a much better support system whithin the company, and again the pay is more than fair particularly in today's environment.

Points positifs

work from home.

Points négatifs

I dont see any, but I guess its not for everyone
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Not meeting targets!

They expect people to make their weekly target and even if you do sell thousands within the month they fire you. I was let go without notice 90 days in after training was 7 weeks.. so I was a month or so fresh on the floor. didn’t know I wasn’t doing bad. Was always told I was doing so awesome and you’ve got this. Brought thousands of dollars in within a month and “didn’t meet weekly target” that all added up be more than my monthly target. Managers will gaslights you and are ALWAYS in meeting. Getting support is hard. Was let go without a warning. Mentally for your work life balance it is not worth it if so the training and some of the knowledge is great the LinkedIn learning courses they can provide you is cool, rather pay for it myself at this point. benefits do take months to come it’s not on the first day you start.
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