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Workload is high, expectations same but if you want to put in the effort and learn you’ll do fine. Some frustration with working with people who only come to work to socialize and put others down who are doing their job. HR cares and does what they can to curb the bad behaviour, senior management needs to cut the dead weight, not make excuses to hang on a bit too long this annoys people who work hard. Example definitely the IT guy (such a fake; joke) and the Recruiter,(clueless, inappropriate) such a waste of $ watching that mess; finally over and hiring real skill!! There is growth; people are sometimes moved into manager role before ready but need that help from senior managers to show them the way. Sometimes just isn’t time but for sure chance to learn fast.
Points positifs
Learning; watching the change, growth; benefits
Points négatifs
Working with people who have little skill, don’t want to work just take credit for what others are doing
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