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Support Worker (Toronto, ON)
le 7 janvier 2020
Many pro's and many con's
Pro's: -Set your own schedule - Flexible: You don't have to take shifts that are offered to you, and you only need to be available to work one shift per month if you have too -Offers a lot of trainings and workshops at a reduced cost (CPI, SMG, ABA workshops, etc) -Scheduling and management are supportive and put in effort to help you learn and figure out how to work best with a client -Alot of clients are great to work with, some shifts are actually very easy -You can get supply shifts, one off shifts, short term contracts or long term, which is great! So much variation! Con's -Many client's are aggressive -I personally don't get alot of shifts, HOWEVER, I think this is just because I have told them I don't want to take very aggressive clients (which they have many of) so if your ok with aggression, you should get lots -you are an independent contractor, which makes taxes a bit more difficult -Schedulers can be VERY rude when you have to cancel a shift due to sickness -Sometimes the information you are given about a shift/ client is inaccurate (However, I just deal with this by asking them a lot of questions about the shift when I get it, so for me it's not really a problem) -The main person you ask for advice (like your supervisor, but not technically) about clients communicates in a confusing way and I often don't understand him (but this might just be me)
Behavioural consultant (Barrie, ON)
le 1 avril 2021
Working here will give you many tools to make you more effective in this field
I have been an associate with WM+A for approx 3 years and have never looked back in regret on my decision to work as part of this amazing team. Nothing is perfect, but WM+A has always looked out for me and my interests - even in situations of disagreement, WM+A always sought resolution. The teams I worked on in the field varied, but I have build so many connections and learnt so much from my experiences working alongside them. The training you receive stepping on board is bar none and the experience is what you make it. Some of the most passionate people I have found in this field are were through WM+A and the flexibility they offer is phenomenal. You wish to work a simple 40 hour work week? Or perhaps your pushing your limits and trying to best 110 hours weekly? Maybe your even taking a break because you have a personal issue or covid is preventing you from working temporarily? Either way, WMA has adapted to my needs in every one of those situations as I experienced them over the last 3 years without question or hesitation,
Associate (GTA)
le 30 juillet 2020
variety of work opportunities
I have been working at WM&A for almost 2 years now and it was been a very positive experience. The company has a wide array of contracts ranging from 1-1 home support, school based, mental health, hospital and residential treatment settings. The breadth of opportunities available allows me to find the right fit for my skill-set and the volume of work which is available is quite impressive. The company has a tier one online scheduling system enabling me to book my availability and clearly manage my work load. The trainers are engaging and helpful and they make mandatory training classes as fun and informative as possible. Furthermore, the wide array of short seminars and training modules ranging from FASD to ABA illustrate the company's dedication in ensuring associates have exposure to evidenced based approaches required to succeed in their potential placements. The management team is pleasant and respectful and will have open and honest conversations with you when any potential issues occur, leaving you with a clear idea on how to prepare for situations in the future. In addition, the management team is forthcoming in sharing feedback from their customers and it is appreciated when you are validated for your work and efforts.
CYW (Toronto, Ontario)
le 16 juillet 2020
Helping people with exceptionalities
I been working at WM+A for many years as Child and Youth Worker, providing service for children, youth and families with complex needs. Usually, we work in a variety of settings such as group homes, hospitals, school and community-based programs etc. WM+A became one of the best companies in Canada providing professional help to individuals who have social, emotional or behavioral issues.
associate cyc (Toronto, ON)
le 25 février 2020
ideal position to build experience and develop clinical skill set
My passion is working with children and families facing high needs and multiple stressors in various settings, including schools, hospitals and community settings. wm and a provided me with these opportunities. wm and a provided me with excellent opportunities to grow as a person and build experience and develop my skills. Through the experience I gained I was accepted to do my MSW from which I recently graduated. If you already have a job, working for wm and a will provide you with flexible opportunities to add to and build on your current knowledge and skills. When I faced challenges (what job does not have its challenge-challenging clients, challenging environments etc?) office staff were always around if I needed to debrief. The opportunities for additional training and workshops were very welcome and excellent! Although I no longer work with them, I remain grateful that they helped me get where I am today. The experience certainly contributed to me getting into the TDSB first as an EA, then as a teacher, and also as already mentioned, into Social Work School.

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