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3,0Salaire et avantages

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Mettez vos chaussures confortables Les gens sont gentils mais bcp trop de travail pour le salaire minimum uniquement. Idéal pour étudiant à mon point de vue
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Great part time position

treat staff well - if part time hours arent guaranteed which can be touch the few months after christmas. But overall i really enjoyed my coworkers and the tasks
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It's alright if you need a job to pay the bills

It was alright. Management was rather unorganized at times. They were usually pretty helpful. It's more work than what's on the job description. Especially on the holidays
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Good environment

Flexible schedule, however not the most enjoyable job to have, directors are often rude to you, lots and lots of walking with very short breaks, in a full 8 hour shift, you get less than an hour of break.
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Decent place to work. Flexible hours. Does slow down during off seasons. If you are just part time you might want a second job. Or budget properly. Management has improved a ton!
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Fun workplace but low payment

I enjoyed to work there a lot after that I work at Homesense as well, I had so much fun there, my coworkers was the best! But they pay minimum wage and sometimes the job is tiring,
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Manager need to be train how to handle people.Not enough hours to give. Giving you 3 hrs a week is not a good idea. Wasting my time to here and decided to quit.
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entry level

Good for students as first job.The hardest part is once get full time job no work life balance, and the schedule is not good. The most enjoyable are the people that you work.
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good first job

It really depends on your management. I really liked working here at first because of the people that I work with. Hours are good and flexible. Typically 4 - 6 hours per shift. Discounts are only 20%.
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Great place to work

The company has great benefits and is lower stress than a lot of retail places I have worked. Moving up can be difficult, there is a lack of transparency in available positions but that may just be in particular districts and not indicative of the company on the whole.
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Horrible Experience

Management at the Signal Hill Location did not help you in any shape or form, they spent majority of their time in the office, and would refuse to take the time to help the store. Hours were horrible, and the pay did not match up to the effort expected. Overall, a bad experience for mental health and well being. I would not recommend working here at Ll
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Its alright

the pay is ehh and they give you no hours, but the environment is good. the raises could also be better since its usually 10 to 70 cents depending when the minimum wage increases.
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Good first job

Good first time job for students Pros- Flexible - Work in different areas- Good managersCons - Sometimes you will get sent home early if it is not busy
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A typical day would be fairly long and occasionally exciting. Workplace culture was fairly standard and the dress code was business casual which was slightly difficult due to being in school.

Points positifs

Occasional free lunches

Points négatifs

Fairly low employee discount
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Great co-workers

Long hours of work, but overall, it is a pretty simple job if you follow the training. As long as you have good company with you, you'll be good. Depending on how many employees there are and the season you wont get many shifts.

Points positifs

They throw nice employee parties

Points négatifs

They did not reward good work
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It's ok

Very flexible hours for part timers but not enough hours at the same time. The company has a very annoying return policy and they don't have a system to do price check. Most employees are not trained properly.
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Fun place to work

It is a good starting point. The job itself is not mentally draining and can be fun way to earn some extra income. I believe it really depends on the management team too.
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Not worth it

Under paid, not paid for every hour worked and would sweep things under the carpet. I worked 8 hours and only got paid 4 because they had to “cut everyone’s” hours since “there’s not enough”
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Fun workplace

Good staff and a fun job! Great work life balance and considerate of your availability. Would have to say the Only con is that staff discount sucks (only 10%)
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Fun workplace

Everyone was so nice and friendly and so great to work with! They are very flexible willing to work with your availability.
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Okay for short term employment

Not a bad company to work for. Great for students, part time. Not recommended for a long term career. The schedule sucks. Minimum pay, no over time, no unions,
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