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Sales Associate667 avis
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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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chill job

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Management and coordinators were nice, coworkers were friendly, overall a pretty nice job.Only complaint is not being able to sit or lean on anything, especially when you have long shifts
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Fun workplace

What is the best part of working at the company?Managers were really great to work with. The atmosphere is really welcomingWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Trying to get as many hours as possibleWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Welcoming staff, supportive and patient What is a typical day like for you at the company?Every day was different and it was nice to switch things up
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Fun workplace

Great Place nice people and nice space While not everyone with chronic liver disease gets primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), most people who do get liver cancer have chronic liver disease. The cycle of inflammation, repair and scarring changes your liver cells in ways that make them more likely to change into cancer. Healthcare providers also believe that chronic hepatitis viruses, in particular, may interfere with the DNA in your liver cells.
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Fast paced, easy work

The store is always busy, so they are always calling you up to cash registers, and you can’t always get work done on the floor. Other than that, the work is easy
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It was a job! I enjoyed the customers and loved working in retail but not for this manager

What is the best part of working at the company?Most custom We’re friendly and most of the staff are nice and helpful.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The manager is not the nicest person, and is very fake to your face or just down right rude.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Pretty intense when manager is there! A lot of people walk on egg shells around her.What is a typical day like for you at the company?A little nerve wracking as they didn’t have walk talkies for everyone as they said so if you needed help no way of reaching anyone
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It's alright if you need a job to pay the bills

It was alright. Management was rather unorganized at times. They were usually pretty helpful. It's more work than what's on the job description. Especially on the holidays
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Productive and fun workplace

Loved working here. Everyday felt like you were walking into a new store. Lots of areas to organize and such a great team! They always decorated the staff room for all celebrations, a very inclusive workplace!
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Started out great but its all down hill after 2 months

Started November 2023 to close the old store and open the new store at the mall. Once the new store open I'm lucky if I get 16 hours in a pay period (2 wks) Training is left to employees to do but they are not paid to do so,, training is lacking. Manager that handles scheduling seems to have favorites, only a chosen few get good hours.

Points positifs

interaction with coworkers and helping customers

Points négatifs

not enough hours per week, manages only concern if sales.
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Really nice I must say that it felt nice and just the feeling was simply put extremely nice because of the lovely atmosphere that. Most would consider
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Manager need to be train how to handle people.Not enough hours to give. Giving you 3 hrs a week is not a good idea. Wasting my time to here and decided to quit.
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I always enjoy going to my shifts!!

Working at winners is so fun, environment there was great so many friends to meet! The mangement is awesome they are all so nice, very flexible with your schedule and time off. We only get 10% off which is not a lot so thats the only down side really.
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Flexible workplace

Been working here most of my undergrad degree. They’re very accommodating and it’s fairly easy to have your shifts switched if anything comes up like school
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Standard job

Not a bad job, standard retail gig which can be boring at times. Found the supervisors helpful and other colleagues fun, but the work can be a grind at times.
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Not bad

Wonderful coworkers with shiny store, it could be a bit boring sometimes depends on yuor personality but if you like it slow, it is chill and great place to work for you
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Probably one of the better retail jobs

A lot of schedule flexibility and you get trained in multiple positions and scheduled where you fit the best. Room to move up with the company if desired
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good first job

It really depends on your management. I really liked working here at first because of the people that I work with. Hours are good and flexible. Typically 4 - 6 hours per shift. Discounts are only 20%.
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Good mangement, flexible hours

Management was friendly and willing to help you with any question, never felt unsupported. Customers could be pushy and rude when we had to change some of our store policies, but thats retail. Chance to move up to full-time and later become a supervisor or manager.
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Horrible Experience

Management at the Signal Hill Location did not help you in any shape or form, they spent majority of their time in the office, and would refuse to take the time to help the store. Hours were horrible, and the pay did not match up to the effort expected. Overall, a bad experience for mental health and well being. I would not recommend working here at Ll
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Loved the job but had to BEG for hours

Theyre always understaffed but yet they dont have hours. My shifts would be cut or taken away if the bussiness didn't make that much money that week. That's really unfair. They only seem to care about theyr bussiness and co ordinators. I worked hard and begged for hours...I got nowhere so I had to leave.

Points positifs

I loved the job

Points négatifs

They wouldn't give hours
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Good first job

Good first time job for students Pros- Flexible - Work in different areas- Good managersCons - Sometimes you will get sent home early if it is not busy
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A typical day would be fairly long and occasionally exciting. Workplace culture was fairly standard and the dress code was business casual which was slightly difficult due to being in school.

Points positifs

Occasional free lunches

Points négatifs

Fairly low employee discount
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Sales Associate chez Winners

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15,79 $ par heure

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