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Customer Service Representative123 avis
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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun workplace but low payment

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I enjoyed to work there a lot after that I work at Homesense as well, I had so much fun there, my coworkers was the best! But they pay minimum wage and sometimes the job is tiring,
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Not bad

Breaks are substandard but it's a chill workplace. Culture is diverse and people are nice.Not much more to say, it's a pretty basic minimum wage job
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Fun and Easy-Learning

Fast paced job but easy to understand tasks. Kept you busy as there is always something to do. Get experience handling money, talking to a lot of people and problem solving skills
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Fast paced and cheerful

It’s a happy place to work and friendly management. There are some unreliable staffing issues sometimes. It can get very busy and many customers can be careless. Most people are happy to be there because they are happy to shop.
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Great Entry Level Job

I worked at winners/Homesense for around 2 years. Management was helpful, and easy to work with, but it’s the other long time associates who will drive out any new talent. They are mean, gossipy and vindictive. I recommend this place of work as a temporary part time job, until you can move on to something more suited to your professional talents. Moving up in the company is fair and possible, if you’re willing to wait a while. I was hoping to continue on with the company but ultimately, the wage wasn’t sustainable, and some of the long time staff were almost unbearable to work with.

Points positifs

Management, Easy Work, Dedicated Break Times

Points négatifs

Wage, Vindictive Employees.
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Good part time job

Good part time job, respected work schedule with other job. Not many options for full time work. Great job for students though and coworkers were great.
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Decent Job

As far as retail goes, half decent job. Easy, straightforward. Good company and vibe overall. Flexible hours. Fun seeing the new styles that come in each week.
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Good fun company

I had a blast working at Winners back in Edmonton! Always something to do and new product every day! Never a dull moment! If you dont like fast paced busy busy, maybe not for you.24 to the floor!!
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Not good management

Management is so bad they don’t care about employees. They treat them like animals no matter how much you doing they are never ha. So much to fo without training. Coworkers are helpful and management doesn’t want you to talk to your coworkers and they never wish you back even you tried to say “hello “ to them.
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Very poor manager now

We used to have a great manager until a few months ago. The new one is not well liked because she is VERY unfriendly to the point of being rude. Thank Heaven for the 2 great assistant managers who are nice. They never have enough staff which makes it very stressful and pay is minimum wage to start. Only a 10% staff discount as well. I really used to like working there but not anymore.

Points positifs

10% discount which is better than nothing; 20% for 4 days 4 times per year

Points négatifs

not enough staff; heavy workload; very stressful
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Not the best job

The management is complete useless they don’t care about you, the co workers are friendly. Management gives you a task you have not been trained in. Learn on the go type of job even the coordinator don’t really help awfully rude sometimes. Employees do more work then the management. Managers just sit on the phone or in the office and come out once to just give orders and go back to the routine. They don’t care about you.
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A job, not a career

Relatively relaxed work environment, can get busy at times. It's a good place for young employees but if you're looking for good money and advancement, look elsewhere.
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High expectations for little pay or benefits

High expectations, little pay and no benefits. Overlook the hard working employees, takes a long time to advance. The AC isn’t on so you’ll sweat all summer long …
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Beginner Friendly

I absolutely loved working at winners. It was my first job in retail and I was very blessed to meet a lot of people for whom I have deep respect and admiration. Winners is the best place to start in retail because it prepares you and trains you to fulfill multiple tasks in the field. The Winners situated in Robert-Bourassa in Laval is filled with hard-working individuals who always put their soul into their craft and push you to do the same. The management team at winners was very motivating but often fail to value their employees wants and needs.
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Great people and atmosphere. People are nice and supportive. They take the time to coach and provide a lot of training. Management are knowledgeable and take the time.
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good with schedule, slow sometimes but usually picks up in the afternoon/night, some favouritism with employees, training isn't very good- they barely trained me.
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Fast paced

Fast paced job. Managers need alot of work, med a lot of great people working there. Retails jobs in itself are stressful but rewarding at times. Low pay though.
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Not always productive (depends on area), no advancement, friendly

Everyone's very friendly but also can be very passive aggressive (managers). Low chance of advancement, even with seniority there isn't always a guarantee of advancement. In Homesense, the labour done is worth much more than pay rate. Can be very relaxed but can turn very busy in a split second. Management isn't the best. They don't schedule associates appropriately, as in, being understaffed on busy days or overstaffed on calm days. Or, giving one shift a week or less. I've gone 10 days without being scheduled. Management can also treat associates as if disposable or replaceable. Training isn't thorough. Overall, good job if you wanna settle, they're quite flexible, mediocre job in terms of relations and advancement.

Points positifs

nice staff lounges, festive on occasions, friendly

Points négatifs

shift consistency is not there (fluctuates over time), you're "one of many", aren't always taught/told important things
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Great managers, great training, give and take balance measures exercised appropriately. (And sometimes, there’s cake 🍰)

Management are very well trained to handle complex situations, and are for the most part very fair , and professional and supportive towards staff . The company values are reinforced with kindness, and a great deal of emphasis put into Health and Safety training, which is reassuring . Respect for coworkers , and a positive attitude required.

Points positifs

Treats and free lunches, on the regular. Bs factor is on low end of scale .

Points négatifs

Payment structure could use improvement.
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Good. My over all experience was good. I feel like the employees tried to work withveach other and be helpful and accomodate. The managers were very nice
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Amazing company for students but...

Working at Winners is fun and not stressing, however the salary there really makes the employees not being so motivated. It's minimum wage, which I believe it's too low for what we do: dealing with costumers (most of them being disrespectful and wild) throwing things on the floor, leaving the store a complete mess, having to stay 1 hour after closing due to the costumers not leaving the store when we announce that we are closed. (during Christmas time, we stay up to an hour and a half after the closing).Winners prioritize too much the costumers and don't really "protect" the employees as they should. Unfortunately after being there for 3 years, I have realize that our costumers have zero respect for us, which makes me want to leave this company as soon as I can. The company itself is really nice, but when it comes to the salary and the management with clients, it's bad.

Points positifs

VERY flexible hours

Points négatifs

Low salary for what employees have to do/deal
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Customer Service Representative chez Winners

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15,83 $ par heure

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