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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun workplace but low payment

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I enjoyed to work there a lot after that I work at Homesense as well, I had so much fun there, my coworkers was the best! But they pay minimum wage and sometimes the job is tiring,
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Fun workplace

Great Place nice people and nice space While not everyone with chronic liver disease gets primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), most people who do get liver cancer have chronic liver disease. The cycle of inflammation, repair and scarring changes your liver cells in ways that make them more likely to change into cancer. Healthcare providers also believe that chronic hepatitis viruses, in particular, may interfere with the DNA in your liver cells.
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entry level

Good for students as first job.The hardest part is once get full time job no work life balance, and the schedule is not good. The most enjoyable are the people that you work.
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Not worth it

Under paid, not paid for every hour worked and would sweep things under the carpet. I worked 8 hours and only got paid 4 because they had to “cut everyone’s” hours since “there’s not enough”
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It’s okay place

It’s okay place if you are in school for part time Meet great co workers ( diversity ) My location was a positive workplace Cons: more paid And More hours
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Not too bad

Depends if your location is busy or not. My location was always understaffed so sometimes it was stressful, but overall I liked it. A lot of physical work .
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Great coworkers, good place to gain an experience

Perfect place to gain an experience, friendly environment. The management is friendly and always willing to help, good atmosphere between the coworkers. The main disadvantage: 3-4 ladies receiving a truck of merchandise.
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Good environment and colleagues. But I barely get 4 hours per week with full availability. I was hoping I would get more and be able to at least pay for food.
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Good workplace

The people were good and I got decent hours, pay is minimum but I liked that I did different tasks each day like cash or the floor. It did get stressful during busy times but it was okay
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Easy, fun, but management

management can lack so much empathy depending on the location. if they are strict about their sales/goals they forget to empathize with us assosciates when we need time off when life happens. not working there anymore.
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Fun work place

Did everything they said they would and made sure I was paid on time. Never really had any issues with any and would definitely work there again if possible
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Relaxing place to work

One of the standout aspects of working at Winners is the fantastic team I've had the pleasure of being a part of. The camaraderie among colleagues is palpable, creating a positive and uplifting workplace culture. It's refreshing to work alongside individuals who genuinely care about one another's success and well-being. Teamwork is not just a buzzword here; it's a way of life.
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Decent for students

Decent job for young students looking to make a buck and manage studies. Work schedule is flexible, management is nice, work environment is friendly.
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Okay as a second job

Favouritism among managers. Lazy and unmotivated employees. Part time workers only get about fifteen hours of shifts a week. Not enough training for new employees. However, a great majority of customers are very nice.
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Fun environment very flexible hours

It’s a great place of work if your a student because of the flexibility of hours.One con is that some managers try to take advantage of you and make you work overtime even after you shift has ended
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Good retail part time job

Short shifts, coworkers are nice, and TJX had some cute fun small events happening each store. It was a good part time job for getting some experiences with nice management.
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Good people little money

There are great people, although when you have a manager try to excuse a co-workers behavior as something else and everyone in the workplace is uncomfortable, fix it don't excuse that type of behavior if there's multiple people who feel that way.
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Productive and fun workplace..

Manager tries their best to give you as much hours as possible. Co workers are supportive and management is friendly. Job is not so stressful depending on what department you’re in
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Glad I left from there!

As a former associate, I must say working here was the worst mistake in my professional experience. Ridiculous expectations, very few shifts with bare minimum hours whilst being overworked, horrible discount (10%), lack of communication between management and associates, rude and miserable employees with no room to ask questions and an overall toxic work environment. Top it all off, you receive bare minimum training and then be thrown to the wolves expected to know everything.

Points positifs

To be honest, nothing...

Points négatifs

Poor discount, lack of communication between management and associates, toxic environment, bare minimum hours whilst being overworked, ALWAYS short staffed despite hiring people like hotcakes
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Profit over Ethics

There’s a lack of a professional environment and HR looks out solely for the company. The staff discount is 10% (so generous), and you’re expected to fulfill the duties of multiple people. They take away hours and make the scarcity of employees juggle multiple duties whilst picking up the slack from the lack of support. It’s a company that’s purely monetary seeking, ignorant to the true quality of life of its employees.

Points positifs

You meet a variety of people, You can gain financial experience for resume

Points négatifs

10% Discount, Juggling the duties of multiple people, Profit over ethics
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Chill job

Nothing much to it, it was pretty chill working there. Hours weren't the best at times but a good first job. Loved my coworkers. Management was alright.
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