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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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généralement un bonne endroit de travail pour la vente au détail. beaucoup de micro gestion beaucoup d'importance mis sur l'exécution rapide et rentable (mois d'associers possible) des taches liers au fonctionnements quotidiens en magasins. peux d'importance porté sur la mise en marcher, la présentation et la manipulation de la marchadise, ce qui crée beaucoup de désorganisation dans l'exécution de la mise en marcher et donne l'allure d'un magasin sale, désorganisé et parfois malpropre.

Points négatifs

courtes pauses et horraire de travail rigoureux.
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Productive and fun workplace

Loved working here. Everyday felt like you were walking into a new store. Lots of areas to organize and such a great team! They always decorated the staff room for all celebrations, a very inclusive workplace!
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Flexible workplace

Been working here most of my undergrad degree. They’re very accommodating and it’s fairly easy to have your shifts switched if anything comes up like school
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Great Place to Work

The working environment is very welcoming and all of the staff members were great. Managers and coordinators are very flexible with hours. Hours become scarce after the holidays.
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Kinda nice

Its pretty nice to work here, its eiter mad busy and you cant catch a break, or its super chill and dead (managers will hate that lol). Its fun if youre friends with your coworkers and vibe with them. Many people work here (my location-around 50) so ur about to have a fav coworker. Minimum wage with a yearly raise of like 50cents! 10% Discount which should be more for associates considering the amount of work put in by fulltime and parttimers. Flexible scheduleing but managers can be a pain about fixed availabilitys... Depends on locations I believe. Overall 7/10 experience
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Decent Job

As far as retail goes, half decent job. Easy, straightforward. Good company and vibe overall. Flexible hours. Fun seeing the new styles that come in each week.
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Amazing Company, but with a few cons

I heavily enjoyed my time at Winners. The managment was great, and my work always felt rewarding and appreciated. The only con is that it can be physically demanding in some situations. We would get an overwhelming amount of stock, with no space to put it. Backstock was discouraged. There was a lot to take on as a morning member. Evenings were more laid back. Weekends are required, which could be difficult for those looking for Full-Time. I would not reccomend a student to work during the mornings as it can become a lot on your body (especially with warehouse shifts and door to floor). Frontline was always great and went by quick. I overall gained a lot of useful experiences at Winners, but as a student it was just not working out for me since it lacks flexibility.
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Work culture and training is excellent

I work part time and I love it. Of course, more pay would be good but let’s be honest, most tasks can be learned quickly so realistically, I think the pay is fair considering the job market right now. 10% discount at all TJX stores is great. This past weekend it was 20% so that was nice. There are awards for just being a nice person and we played Jeopardy during morning huddle. I was trained on everything on the sales floor (except cash office and markdowns) and back room in about a month. I’ll be trained for those other two tasks next week. Basically, it’s a great place to work. You won’t be rich working here but you’ll be happy. It would be an excellent place to pick up some part time hours if your are looking. If you want to work there long term, it seems like the best thing to do would be to learn as many tasks as possible so that you could later move into a manager position.
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it was ok

pretty good it. don’t know hat else to say LOL. there wasn’t that strict of a dress code just coverup and dress nicely you could basically wear whatever you wanted . pay was fair
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Some days are slow some are busy. Hours are affected by this. It is very easy to transfer all over Canada within the company. Coworkers are nice, management can be on your behind a little too much sometimes.
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amazing coworkers, stressful job

was very fun until new management. dont bother to train people in other areas, so lack of staff to cover/take shifts. aggressive customers and crazy busy all the time. lots of misgendering at work, and horrible discount. i was kept in an area i loved, and then they stopped scheduling me there. best part of the job is your coworkers and all the new product you can buy.
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It was fine

Honestly working at Winners was ok, I think it really depends on the location and the managers. You get bonuses once in a while. The pay is minimum wage. Managers allowed SOME flexibility (My managers made it mandatory for us to work at least two closing shifts). Snacks and goodies in the staff room, once in a while.I ended up leaving my location because the management seemed to have favourite employees, and would always pick me and certain people to do janitorial duties. And also we don't get paid enough for the amount of abuse/harassment that we'd get from customers. (A lot of my coworkers were literally teenagers getting called all types of names in the book for simple things such as, not being able to accept a return because the item was a year old).
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Productive and fun workplace. However mama cement expects you to be doing something at all times even if there is absolutely nothing to do.

Productive and fun workplace. However mama cement expects you to be doing something at all times even if there is absolutely nothing to do. Overall it was an okay experience.

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Managers play favouritism! And no room for advancement for People of Colour!

I was very exited when I started working here, but the excitement quickly dissipated. Other people are favoured and get recognized for their work while people of colour don’t. We have a position called Maintenance and it’s always the POC being scheduled to clean the store. Managers don’t train you to grow in the company when you ask they are too busy playing favouritism and only allowing certain people to grow. I’ve noticed them put more pressure on POC on the sales floor then of other races and no matter how much initiative you take it’s always overlooked. I’m desperately looking for another job it’s too toxic for me.

Points positifs

Friendly co-workers

Points négatifs

•Managers play favouritism •Pay isn’t good •No effort to train anyone on different areas of store
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Good part time gig for extra pocket money

I've been working for the company well over 2 years now and have worked for two stores. Overall, the job is straightforward and I have always felt a part of a team. It's a good part-time job but it's minimum wage as a part time employee

Points positifs

staff events for summer and christmas, never have to stay past the hours you've been booked unless agreed upon

Points négatifs

can sometimes do more work for the pay received
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Fun workplace

It is a fast paced envirnoment so you're always on your toes. The management were great, they always checked if we needed assistance. Would definitely recommend it to a friend.
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Fun place to work

It is really a well-organized store with great team and managers you can expect fro enough shifts and the team is understanding I have learned a lot from the manager customer relations and basic professional skills
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Dedicated Hard Working People

Winners was an excellent company and they train their employees well and treat them equality, giving opportunities and challenges that meet our personal goals.
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Friendly and fun work place

Overall, it was a very great experience working there. Nice team, managers are very approachable and they we're always very understanding with everything.
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good for moving up, not for individuals

poor management and cheap product, but if you want to move up in the company you will have many chances to do so. If you have the energy and drive you will go far.
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Part-time Sales Associate

A typical day working considers of working at various locations throughout the store. Store gets really busy, and a diverse team of hardworking co-workers.
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