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Brampton, ON62 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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les journees de travail sont bien , tu peux poser des questions au cas ou tu ne comprend pas quelque chose , les employes et les gerants sont tres amicales
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Fun work place

A typical workday is structured, with opportunities to learn and collaborate. Management fosters growth, and the culture values teamwork. The hardest part can be tight deadlines, but the most enjoyable part is achieving goals together.
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Productive and fun workplace

A typical day at work can vary, but it usually involves completing tasks, collaborating with colleagues, and meeting deadlines. As for what I believe I learned, I'm always learning new things and expanding my knowledge. Management plays a crucial role in providing guidance and support. Workplace culture is important too, as it sets the tone for the environment and relationships. The hardest part of the job can be overcoming challenges and finding solutions. The most enjoyable part is when I accomplish my goals and feel a sense of fulfillment.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours and salary
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Good hours

Fun , good hours. Good for students, lots of opportunity. Was hard working with customers. You will learn to be sociable and meet new people. Good entry job retail.
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It was okay

it was okay. Nothing special good place to start working retail. I was a sales associate and cashier. Fairly easy, semi-annoying managers, customers for the most were nice.
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Fun and Easy workplace

Management works hard to make sure employees are recognized for hard work. Lot’s of incentive programs, management actually cares and gives you the time of day to talk and discuss any issues you may have
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Fast paced

Depending on management and coworkers, working at Winners can be pretty toxic. But otherwise it’s pretty fun and there’s always something to do. Also, you’re on your feet for a pretty long time so keep that in mind
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Productive Work Place

The workplace is good. You get an employee discount, the other team members are nice and supportive. You get to work in different areas of the store. You don't get bored of working there. I enjoyed working at Winners.
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Easy place to work

If you bin in retail for a while, it's an easy place to work at. Management is understanding and nice. My only issue is they don't pay fairly, this is on the count of bringing years of retail experience.
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Fun place to work and a healthy environment

Management is extremely understanding with availability and they are very flexible. The work environment is great, we have summer and Christmas parties, our break room is decorated depending on the month/season, employees and management are friendly. The only con is that many coworkers feel that they don't get enough shifts; however, because I am a student, this is favourable for me.
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Fun place with great work culture

Best place to start your first job and if someone wants to grow customer oriented industry. Part-timers have give at least 3 days of open availability.
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Fun, supportive but less pay

Management is great. It is a fun place to work considering you get to see nice stuff( have an priority access to good things), meet new people and interact with different coworkers.However, hours are terrible. No one is full time, so they try to keep you below 49 hours. In reality, people barely get 20 hrs a week( 4-5 hours/ shift). So this seems more like a time consuming side gig which doesn’t pay good but takes alot of your time anyways
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Amazing job I’ve ever had, they’re honestly so nice and sweet, employee’s like family, management is great. All jobs aren’t amazing every day, u have some bad days but it was amazing all in all
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Great place to work

Great place to work love company culture no advancement very slim chance of moving up in company low hours good if you need part time job or second job

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Barely any advancement opportunities next to none
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Productive and friendly work environment.

Associates were able to get work done while carrying a friendly and hostile work environment. Managers were always on-duty to provide help to associates. The fast-pased work environment along with dedicated coworkers make the working experience lively.
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Drama, no hours and corrupt management

Favoritism happens a lot in terms of scheduling, management is horrible as they abuse their power and send employees out during shift to get food for them. Even if your availability is wide open, part time gets maybe 5-10 hours bi weekly and they do not train in other areas but tend to keep you working in one section. Management cancelled a lot of my shifts last minute or changed it without giving a phone call. Expect a lot of gossip and trouble from coworkers, as everyone is in everyone's business, including managers who share personal information employees had talked to them in confidence, to other employees. 10/10 would never work there again.
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Fun and comfortable place to work

Good: -Decent pay -Majority of workers are friendly -Workers are always willing to help if you're unsure of something -Great Training Bad: -Fast Pace -Chances of dealing with a lot of customers at once -Other than that, you'll enjoy the experience.-
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Fun and exciting place

This place was fun and helpful to allow me to develop skills in my life that are essential for me in the future. The managers were very friendly and very helpful, and the co-workers were nothing short of amazing.
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I am intrested to work at wiinners. I like the environment there. It looks like.my second home.

I feel very comfortable to work at winners. When I used to work there, I did not fell.it was a store. It seems to me another home for me. The Manager and my coworkers were very friendly and helpful. I feel very comfortable to work there. If I get chance to work there again I will do my best.
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So far its good

Nice place with big brands at one place. Working environment is fast paced and healthy. Supportive and helpful co-workers. Management is good too. I am performing role of fitting room associate(part time) which means standing at one place for long which becomes boring if not busy. Pros Flexibility of working hour. Staff activities.
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Easy and good work environment

Working at Winners was fine, as jobs go it was pretty general duties. I typically worked in the warehouse dealing with receiving merchandise. I always worked front line and zone 2 which was the men's department. As all workplaces have their positives and negatives, the co-workers when excellent, gave help when needed and made working there fun. however, I felt that management was biased toward parts of the team and was a bit stingy with working hours. although, with everything considered, working at Winners was good, no complaints or bad things to say about the work environment.
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