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Quels sont les principaux défis auxquels vous devez faire face chez Winners?

12 réponses

  • Too much on your plate, managers will overwork you and pile too much up to 'help you grow then sit on the office all day while you are running around

  • Trying to make sure every customer has great customer service.

  • Dealing with management

  • Customer rushes have the capability to be overwhelming. Standing long hours required also.

  • Cleaning up the customers messes being the only person in my huge section because they refuse to put someone else even though it is needed and say they hire more people but I never got any help and it was always stressful

  • Fighting for my right and proving that i am worth it... and management was fighting back against it

  • Pleasing the customer.

  • Working with people who are difficult.

  • Finding space and do work on time frame

  • Low-income
    a lot of physical work

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