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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Winners?

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They did the phone screening and then called me into the face-to-face interview. Almost all questions were situational. Ex: what was a time where you helped a coworker, friend, etc. and when was a time where you had a tight deadline? What did you do to meet it and did you succeed?

Pretty simple and straight forward. They will call you and do a phone interview if they like your resume and if that goes well you go in for an in-store interview. Ask lots of questions about experiences with certain situations/what you would do in certain situations. Then you have orientation and training.

Interview process is fairly simple. The orientation/training theres a lot to learn, but you really have to just start working and experience it all first hand to really learn the majority of it.

It was good. The training was long and intensive it was a two month period. Could have learned more if it was hands on a little better.

You submit your resume online and then a manager will contact you. youll do an over the phone interview and then a face to face if the phone interview went well. then they will call your references.

Really straight forward. Most of the questions ask about your experience and what would you do in certain situations.

It's maybe 10-15mins long, and basically asking you questions about problem-solving skills, if your able to be on your fit for a long period of time.. stuff like that

They asked questions about our skills and asked us to elaborate on our resume.

It was pretty much what I expected; a straight forward question and answer session as the manager interviewing me looked for someone who would be able to bear the pressure of handling tough situations with customers, particularly as the holiday season was approaching.

They took me into the interview room and asked me questions, very clear, didnt rush, gave me time to think, I felt relaxed and comftorable.

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