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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Winners?

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  • I applied to multiple locations at the start of the month and and started receiving calls by the end of the month. when they call you, they do a mini interview on the spot. they ask about any previous experience, your availably and in the end they may ask you to come in for an in-person interview. During the interview, they didn't ask any questions about my previous experience, they took a different approach. They basically asked questions such as; tell me about a time you had a bad experience with a costumer and were unsure of what to do. Another one is; did you ever walk into a store and received the best customer service experience that made you shocked. Last one; tell me about a time you helped out a costumer that resulted in the costumer expressing how great you were or how much you helped them.

    These questions are very easy to answer, but only if you have something to say. its kind of hard to make up a story if you don't have one.

  • My interview experience was really straightforward. I applied on the website and about 2 weeks later I got an email from someone in the 'Talent Acquisition' department asking to set up a phone interview. We did a phone screening to see if I was a good fit, then I moved onto the actual interview stage. Because of COVID, mine was over the phone but I except it would normally be in person. The phone screening took about 15 minutes, then the interview took about 20-25. After that, the person I speak with asked for a reference and the same day I did my interview I heard back with the good news :)

  • They did a phone screening and then I got invited to interview a week later. The in person interview is situation questions about problem solving skills. The interviewer called one of my references the next day, and then on the same day called me to offer me the job.

  • They did the phone screening and then called me into the face-to-face interview. Almost all questions were situational. Ex: what was a time where you helped a coworker, friend, etc. and when was a time where you had a tight deadline? What did you do to meet it and did you succeed?

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  • A typical process starting with applying online, a phone call interview and an in-person interview. The process took me a month.

  • Pretty simple and straight forward. They will call you and do a phone interview if they like your resume and if that goes well you go in for an in-store interview. Ask lots of questions about experiences with certain situations/what you would do in certain situations. Then you have orientation and training.

  • Interview process is fairly simple. The orientation/training theres a lot to learn, but you really have to just start working and experience it all first hand to really learn the majority of it.

  • The interview was great and easy, but every word I was given was false. As I found out 1 year later that everything I was told was the complet opposite from in my work file.

  • It was good. The training was long and intensive it was a two month period. Could have learned more if it was hands on a little better.

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