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  • the work culture is diverse, the work environment is fast paced.

  • Management is super. Staff are friendly and supportive.

  • Very busy atmosphere, always things to be doing. At my specific location there is a lot of fraudulent returns, so loss prevention is a big focus. Customers can be extremely difficult to work with - more so than other retail jobs I've worked. But over all, if you're a hard worker, it's really not too bad.

  • The training is inadequate to put it mildly. Just today infact I did a shift in a zone I had never worked in and the coordinator ignored me for the duration of the day. I made the mistake of giving them full availability and am booked for 95% closing shifts. They ignore prior retail experience when deciding your wage. I have seven years retail experience and a variety of transferable skills and am currently making the same amount of money as a seventeen year old girl I enjoy chatting with whose very first job is Winners. Avoid this place like the plague....

  • It is very diverse. I think I would have preferred to have worked in a different location. But it is good to people who work hard.

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  • Winners has a busy atmosphere, with a lively energy.

  • Work environment and culture in Winners are productive and empathetic. The company rules are strict but flexible when it comes to a sudden change. However this attitude solves many problems. My favourite part is that we had meeting at the end of every single work day to report today's performance and problems. This brought us an opportunity to communicate with others and feel satisfaction with our work.

  • This minimum wage job has proven to be one of the most unfair, dishonest and aggravating places to work. It was clear that at Winners the longer you've been there, the less you are required to do. Throughout my short time, I began to realize that management team was useless, and the associates are required to deal with a laundry list of jobs during their shifts, and only to be given a short period of time to complete, while the management sat in their office "doing office work" for 9 hours straight. Breaks were forgotten the majority of the time, very disorganized system. If on break/lunch, you bothered constantly to help; this was frustrating especially because usually there were only 1 or 2 associates on the sales floor working. No room for being promoted, it seems like it would be very difficult or take a very long time to become coordinator or manager. Overall not a good place to work, would NOT recommend Winners. Not to mention the pathetic 10% discount, doesn't even cover the tax. Do NOT work here.

  • Mostly slow, no natural light coming in leaves you feeling gloomy after long hours

  • Very pressurizing and sometimes unfriendly

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