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Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez Winners?

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  • They ask a lot of questions, so remember a lot of relevant work experience from before. Dress trendy, employees are the faces of a company and they're all about trends.

  • Availability is key. The more hours you can work, the more likely they are to hire you.

  • Review and ask why you make a better fit for this job.

  • Know the contents of your CV, as some questions come from your resume

  • Make sure they know that your available whenever they may need you. that you will take all the hours they can give you.

  • Go through typical scenarios that would happen in a retail workplace, they ask a lot of "what would you do if..." questions.

  • Be yourself and dont be scare, they hire a lot of people.

  • Dress business casual
    Be upbeat and prepared to answer questions related to what is on your resume as well as any other skills related to why they should hire you

  • Knowing the business

  • By preparing you should make sure you're dressed professionally due to their strict dress policy, make sure you have a notepad and pen to write notes and of course your resumes and/or cover letter.

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