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  • Lovely. The atmosphere is so kind and welcoming. Everyone helps each other. Even when things are hectic and a little stressful, everyone stays positive and we get through it.
    During weekday mornings, we bring new merchandise on the floor, in it's correct location. Customer service is a huge part of the job and we're quick to help anyone who needs it. If things get busy on cash, we help there as needed to keep the line running so people don't have to wait.

    During closing shifts we often spend the time finishing what didn't get done in the morning (if there was anything), make moves in the store to better utilize space or add emphasis to seasonal products. Then we just tidy and reorganize until we close so that the store is looking good for the next morning!

  • When I worked at winners Sunridge in Calgary best employees I worked with and certain management were awesome. Loved my job

  • Cela dépend de quelle sections vous travailler en général nous travaillons en équipe

  • Fun

  • Difficile

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  • long

  • - faire la caisse, récupérer le stockage de l'entrepôt et les mettre sur le plancher, vérifier les étiquettes etc

  • Your work hours are scheduled weekly, and specific zones are scheduled daily. You receive prior training for each zone. You always have other people to help you out when you need it

  • Its a great place to work. The shift goes so fast because you are engaging customers or fixing your department.
    I enjoyed working at Winners very much.

  • Grosse journée pendant les jours d’achalandages

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