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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great management. Director was amazing and cared about families and staff. She is no longer there

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Enjoyed working with families and children. If you don’t like to double up on paperwork the. This place isn’t for you. Would have liked more freedom for planning and to not have to fill in so much in app.

Points positifs

Co workers

Points négatifs

Owners wife felt she knew everything about childcare and talked down to employees
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Great place to work

It’s a great place to work. You have a good team to support you. They worked together with you to face the challenges. The whole team was like a family and always helped each other.
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Terrible, staff was very kind and hard working but management was terrible. They put you through so much stress.

I would not recommend working at this location. It was a horrible experience. The worst management I have seen ever. Did not care for the well being of staff
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Stay away from this place

Poor managementIf you apply, expect to exit through their revolving door of educators. Terrible environmentChildren are treated like cattle by overworked educators

Points positifs

Nothing to be honest

Points négatifs

Environment, work load, culture, management, benefits and job security m
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Support teachers beware!

Hire incompetent teachers that make your job harder. They don’t care no matter how much you complain and even if you ask for help/support, you never get any. Was told I was going a good job by the parents and after getting hurt, out of nowhere, I was fired. No warnings and asked to leave immediately. You can lose your job out of nowhere for ‘not meeting expectations’. Was not able to actually understand why I was fired! Do yourself a favour and look for more stable work!

Points positifs

Good lunches

Points négatifs

Low pay, Incompetent staff, stressful work environment, No job security
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You have to really budget your pay to make rent or mortgage because you were not paid at the end of the month

The manager is a great gal to work for she knows how to run a tight ship and she takes no nonsense from staff. If staff is having problems with each other she gets the two parties to together to work things out. There are no benefits such as medical or dental when I was there. No sick days and you have to balance your budget because you are paid four or five days after the last day of the month or four or five days after the 15th through direct deposit. You cannot get an advance in your pay.

Points positifs

Great staff to work with

Points négatifs

The way we got paid
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Williowbre north Vancouver

Horrible place if work there Is no team work there is no great energy. They never give days off they are so not organized they are rude to staff no appreciation. Do yourself a favor and look else where. Horrible leaders to run this. No one is better then anyone for fact office staff sit on their lazy butts and point fingers at people. What a horrible place

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Points négatifs

All of it
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not a fun place

A stressful place to work. A typical day at work is as follows, arrival of children, sensory and table play, doing exercise/yoga for 15 minutes, tidying up and washroom break, having snacks, doing art, circle time, getting ready to go outside, outdoor play, lunch, nap time, afternoon snack, exercise/yoga, creative/art time, sensory. Everything is done twice in a day. There is no clear curriculum. It says in their website that their curriculum is emergent, high scope and Montessori, however, when you actually be at work, the activities with children are more teacher-led than emergent. They also advertise that their academies have a professional cleaning crew but it's actually the ECEs who clean and sanitize, mop the centre, throw the garbage away in addition to other things. They don't pay as they should since they want to profit and I get that. The hardest part of the job are the following, I am always left in the room by myself, doing the activities with children and also worrying about filling up their communication and daily log software. I think that the software takes away the time and attention that should be for children. Most enjoyable part is getting hugs and compliments from children.

Points positifs

free lunch and snacks for staff

Points négatifs

Too many things to do but too little time, they expect high output but no supplies provided
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Enjoyed working at Willowbrae North Van! All the staff get along well! The new(ish) director cares about you as a person, and listens to all feedback, there’s room for growth, as well as being able to gain experience with any age group. If you care about your job, and our passionate about your job. It will not go unrecognized.
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Bad Management

Turnover rate is high for a reason. My first week there and already 2 staff were leaving. Management plays favourites and can not communicate amongst themselves or with staff. No consistency and CONSTANTLY short staffed. Gossip toxic environment. Owner micro-manages and causes more problems and tension amongst staff. Ministry of Education and Region of Peel is continuously on their case because they are 95% subsidized. Management/owners have bad business practices and bad with finances (fee hikes EVERY year)
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Great experience

Collaboration is key. It really does take a village to guide and teach little ones and prepare them for life outside of daycare. This job taught me a lot about food habits and preparation and nutrition for our children.
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Really great work environment

This a wonderful company to work, the management makes everyone feel valued. Your days are filled with laughter, love and fun and no two days are ever the same.
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There are not enough words to describe how I recommend AVOIDING working for this company. I can only write about my experience at the location I worked at, but I reported abuse, neglect and malpractice to my superior as well as corporate over in Nova Scotia and not ONE thing was done about it. The children are merely paycheques to them. They do not treat the children well at all.
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productive and fun workplace in the classroom

Willowbrae Academy is very fun and easy to work at. Teachers and the director have a good communication with each other. Highly recommended as a workplace.
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Great place to work with.

Since i started working in this company, i was driven more to discover my capabilities. It's very rewarding to note that in terms of classroom management, my brain never got dull & the more i am well driven to surf activities which i know my children would learn with fun & the environment would be an enjoyable one. It's a great place for kids & ECE's & IT's. ThankWillowbrae.
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It is great place to work

I enjoyed working with children and playing games with them and supervising their development while also following a curriculum. It was fun to play I really liked that a lot I love working with kids. The company offers different options that best fit the employees personality. They are more than willing to help guide and train if further assistance is needed. They are understanding of time needed for family time off.
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Fun workplace

Awesome place to work at. The staff are nice and out going and so are the parents. The kids are sweethearts and I love them all. The director i worked with is nice. I've learned a lot in the childcare field.It is a pleasure teaching preschooler in my care.
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Great experience with the staff

The staffs in the daycare are very approachable. The people around are very diverse and open to ideas. The first day I worked at the daycare everyone made me feel welcome and briefly taught me all the things I need to learn. I love that everyday I have something to know and to bring for my future references.
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Amazing work environment!

I have worked at Willowbrae Academy for two months now. It is a very easy-going, collaborative and upbeat atmosphere to work in. You feel really valued and respected as an Early Childhood Educator! The director is amazing and is very accommodating and understanding! My center is also very culturally diverse. They hire people from all ethnicities, which is amazing to see. It is a very professional, rewarding and fun place to work!
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good working environment

Director provides good communication and working environment. I learned how to communicate effectively with parents. Every year, the company encourages employees to continue to learn and enrich their knowledge.
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fun work place

Very good working environment fun to work with kids making their nutritional food for everyday routine and challenging experience for making different food especially those allergies it more fun
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