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Wilco Contractors Southwest is a leader in the landscape and civil construction industry. Our wide range of projects and scope of work allows us to take on a variety of site development projects, and to do it all with the highest standards of efficiency and quality.

Wilco Southwest knows that our success and reputation is directly related to the
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  • Wilco is available for your hydrovac needs throughout the winter! We complete works on our own projects, as well as for clients of all types, including residential construction. DM for details 👍🏼
  • Great view of @mahogany_yyc . The lake and beach site are awesome, but I have to say that massive wetland is a pretty great feature to have in your neighbourhood, with pathways winding throughout.
  • Thank you to everyone who came out last night to our season-close party, we had around 240 people packed into the upper level at Charbar! I’m sure someone took a few pics, but we were all so busy in conversation that I didn’t even think about taking any. Peter gave a nice speech and talked a bit about the Wilco group; who the other companies are, where they work and what they do. We’re very fortunate to have such a great group of people that are a pleasure to work with and spend time with, every year we’re getting better. Really happy to hear from some newer employees about how they’re enjoying the change and the fit here at Wilco. Thank you to everyone for their huge efforts this year, not just on their own projects but in helping us find ways to improve and make each other better at what we do. We hope you enjoy the 2019 Wilco book, it’s packed full of project highlights and photos from @tronnes of the great things we’ve accomplished this year. 🍻
  • Artsy shot from @adolfo_navarrete_a at the New Central Library last season. 5000m2 of paving stone with intricate aesthetic lines.
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