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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement?

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Aidez les candidats à découvrir l'entreprise tout en étant objectif(ve) et pertinent(e).
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ASAP on summertime specially on BOH team

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Do volunteers work their first if you can and than you have a shoe in the door if you good cause than the'll hire you

Réponse du - Line Cook/Dishwasher (Former Employee) - 405 dunsmir street

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They see their availibility, if they are able to work in a fast-paced environment, quick learner, and they will see how much potential they have and they do not really care if you don't have any experience in this job before.

Réponse du - HOST AND TAKEOUT ORDERS LEAD (Current Employee) - Vancouver, BC

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A way to get hired at white spot is by handing in a resume, dressing nice while attending your interview, always smile, and be polite.

Réponse du - Server/Bartender (Former Employee) - Squamish, BC

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They look for "girl next door" types, well spoken, friendly, well presented.

Réponse du - Server (Former Employee) - BC

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