Westminster Savings Credit Union
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Westminster Savings Credit Union?

3 réponses

Company was great to work for before. They cared about their employees and even though the pay wasn’t the best you always felt that you were respected and work life balance was always a priority. Recently there have been many changes in upper and middle management. New hires from outside the corporation have ruined the corporate culture. Someone is losing their job on almost a weekly basis. Employees come to work not knowing if they are next.

The whole place felt like old school government run organization, but on very small scale with High expectations and minimal resources. Limited advancement. Seriously beggar believe how they manage to still say in business.

The culture when I first went there impressed me as it was all about the customer needs and we were to assist them and help them reach their financial goals.
When I left, it was all about the branch and company numbers.. didn't matter what was best for customer, but for the company so eg: respect vs mutual funds, you sold what the company wanted you to sell to boost numbers, and left me feeling that I was sellling what was not always good for the customer

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