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Customer Service Representative (Ancien employé) –  British Columbia24 juillet 2015
My first insurance job was at Westland Insurance. I was hired on with no insurance experience and they paid me $12/hour. After two years of working there, I brought my wage up to $15/hour. I was doing auto, rv, travel, tenant, and condo insurance before I left. I left Westland primarily due to pay but also because of workload and management.

The company is constantly expanding which causes the employees to have to take on extra work from rollovers. They also tend to send experienced employees to other offices to help which causes under-staffing. Their rapid expansions cause employees to suffer.

My manager (who has since been promoted) was not very personable. She was always stressed and angry. I was always uncomfortable around her. She was often very unprofessional when speaking with employees and customers. She is also not empathetic and has yelled at me for getting emotional during our one-on-one conversations.

At the end of my time at Westland, I was training an employee to do auto insurance. It was her first insurance job. I found out while training her that she was being paid the same amount as me even though I had been there for almost three years. This was the ultimate factor that made me decide to quit. It proved to me that I was not appreciated for what I did.

I would like to add that none of my former co-workers still work for Westland in the two years since I left. In fact, a few of them work for my current company.
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