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What is the company culture at West Edmonton Mall?

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  • I have to disagree with the previous comment. Managers are extremely fair and while they my be close with some staff outside of the workplace, there are clear expectations from those who are closer the managers - I truly believe they are held to a much high standard then everyone else because of those aspects. I know girl manager is very fair, unbiased, and will go out of her way to help those who want to further their skills whether it be for in or out of work - very for the employees. It's very obvious she wants to make sure that we enjoy working there and will do everything she can to ensure that happens however I believe her hands get tied from upper management at times. The Waterpark is and has been a fantastic place to work. Managers create monthly motivational events for the staff, they allow us to have a voice on what would make the Waterpark a better place to work and they actually listen to us and make all the adjustments that they can. Waterpark is kind of like a highschool - a lot of employees want to do nothing and get paid at higher wages, lots of highschool gossip, have issues completing medial duties. Managers do what they can but some of these kids I work with seem like they have had everything handed to them in the past and expect to do nothing and get paid for it.

  • Overall, people are friendly. However, mangers have to be more professional and fair. Favouritism and power-tripping can be found really commonly in WEM Waterpark. For instance, people who hang out with the mangers after work or really close to the mangers will have a bigger and wider grey area where they can slack off.

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