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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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bonne expérience mais l'environment est désagréable

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L'environnement de travaille est bien, les autres employés sont géniales. On est payer au salaire minimum. Il y a toujours un manque d'employé mais il y a plusieurs raisons à ça. Le gérant n'est pas empathique, que ce soit envers les clients ou employés. Il requiert que vous travailler super vite tout en faisant bien les commandes. Il a aussi une obsession avec le minuteur au service au volant. C'est normal après que le service est lent, on est pas beaucoup et il y a beaucoup de client.
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Fun if you like old ladies getting upset about hamburgers. Owners were terrible and in the way. Pay was not worth the headache. Supervisors were often promoted due to age as opposed to any skills
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Okay work

Alright i guess good people to work with management was not the best. Was crew for 4 years was shift manager for about a year. Need to hire more reliable people.
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good place to learn multi tasking skills but minimum wage.

hourly rate should be more than $15. was lucky I got good coworkers and some good supervisors and managers who taught and helped me although there are slacker employees. gets super intense in the kitchen mostly. if you havnt worked in food service you wont understand when we say we need to get paid more.
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Fast paced and stressful - fun if you have the right team.

Definitely a fast paced and stressful environment. It was a fun place to work with a really great team when I first started. Once the franchise changed hands, things went downhill. Our labour budgets were slashed making it extremely difficult to maintain quality and service with less employees allowed to work. Pay is low for the amount of stress involved. Upper management wasn't allowed much of a work-life balance.
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Standard work

You get what you expect from working at a fast food place. Work can be minimal but intense during busy hours, pay is minimum, and there's employee discount
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Bad pay, bad hours, bad management

Management sucks, they don’t care about anything aside from their sales. Horrible work environment, the staff don’t care about their jobs & are all super burnt out. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work here.
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Good student job

Good student job. Flexible with school schedule. Interaction with customers. Good environment. Flexible with school schedule. Good managers. Job flexibility.
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0/10 Wouldn't Work Again

Fast food is all about how much money you can make the franchise owner. It isn't about the customer experience. It definitely isn't about providing a clean, welcoming restaurant environment. There's no respect from management, and you're expected to drop everything for them. I've worked for worse companies, but at least those companies gave raises, so the money helped make up for it. I'd never work in a Wendy's again.
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lots of hours and co-workers are fun

Great company, staff, hours. Fun workplace, can be stressful when busy. Drive thru is difficult, customers can be jerks. Management provided good training.
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stressful, uncaring management, no honesty

Management doesn't care about the workers mental health and doesn't listen to problems or discomfort in workers. unless you are willing to work like a lifeless fast robot with no opinions i do not recommend working there. I was never taken seriously even after trying my hardest
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Meh place to work

This was not for me.. treated like a kid for my entire employment. Training was short and the threw you in.. I was trained in 5 positions In 4 days. Way too much
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Very fast pace place to work at, gets really stressful during rush hour

Not the best place to work at if you can't be constantly moving around for 8 hours, there's no benefits also not the best management just, it just like any other fast food job
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This was my first job

Great place to work,Friendly staff and customers most of the time. Flexible schedule availability . Someone always there to help if needed . 50% off food during breaks if you work more then 5 hours per shift. Learned alot of Cashier and Customer Service experience.
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Stressful management

The management at the store that I worked at were as much as a headache as customers were difficult. No support towards their staff and they care more about the customers well being rather than your own. You’re coworkers however will have your back.
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Overtime without pay. Managers got paid only a dollar and a half over minimum wage and work 10+ hour shifts to get yelled at by upper management. Highly dysfunctional. I literally told my boss when I quit that the job made me want to die. Literally.
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It’s a good place to work at.

I’ve now been working here for 1 month and I got the hang of it sorta 1 week later. They pay is very good (personally) .Recommend for a first time job
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Good place to work for

The fun personable staff makes this job takes the mundane out of the job. However cut backs on hours from full time to part time makes things a bit more stressful for a single independant person already struggling to pay rent and bills other then that it's a relaxed fun environment 🙂.
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Good workspace

Wendy's is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in America and one of the world's biggest burger chains. The company was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio, with a mission to serve fast food burgers that were prepared with meat that hadn't been previously frozen. While serving "fresh" food has become commonplace now, back then it was a very novel offering that clearly had a demand. There are now over 6,000 Wendy's restaurants in operation. So not surprisingly, there are a lot of career opportunities within the company too.
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Horrible Work Place

Wendy's is not a good job when it comes to fast food, because of its horrible benefits. I would suggest going to mcdonalds instead. Management is horrible, while staff did not care about food safety.
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Good starting job

Great place to get your foot in the door managers are helpful schedule is fair and management is very accommodating. A little short staffed but overall a great place to get your foot in the door

Points positifs

Food discount

Points négatifs

Relationship drama
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