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Why would you want to work at The Wendy's Company?

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  • Good to get some customer service experience. They are always desperate to find staff so you will for sure get hired.

  • Great agrouo of people, fun and productive job, really helpful

  • Gives you an understanding of what is required to work at a fast-food restaurant.

  • To experience how to communicate, be hardworking, and to learn about the fast food industries while enjoying fun with other employees.

  • It's a great gateway job into the workforce environment. I highly suggest it to anyone looking for a starter job.

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  • I need money

  • Young people who need easy money would like working at this company because of the easy work environment.

  • The job is good by itself and the co-workers are amazing to work with. The management is not.

  • Wendy's company is a very fast paced and very friendly it is good to experience how to work in a fast paced area and have people skills

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  1. Why would you want to work at The Wendy's Company?