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Why did you leave your job at The Wendy's Company?

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  • My managers were very rude and disrespectful. They don't care about you and area always hiring. Stay away from BELLEVILLE ON WENDY"S

  • Rude management and have to deal with annoying customers.

  • Because it was to fall

  • They managers were ladies and were so rude and behave very bad i must say they behaved like i have zero respect as if i am uneducated and i have joined their company without providing them any work.. i really cried infront of them.. i worked for 3 months with lot of torture and stress.. I always tried to come every morning with a smile and good hope but i leave with bad face hurt and demoralized. I had no idea that this type of work culture will find in Canada

  • I was pregnant

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  • Rude management

  • Only due to its distant location....

  • I moved to a different city

  • Shortage of hours

  • I left wendys in Olds Alberta because i moved to Lethbridge Alberta for school

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  1. Why did you leave your job at The Wendy's Company?