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What is the company culture at The Wendy's Company?

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  • Minimum wage for maximum effort

  • Demanding.

  • For the most part it was great. I liked going to work everyday to work with my co-workers.

  • The crew are the expendable grunts that have to work like robots that never get tired till our shift ends when our managers walk around just watching us.

  • Wendy’s is a good employer. Often seeing the CEO of the Wendy’s coming in to check on things. He always greeted us with a few words.
    The staff are extremely helpful along with the different managers.

    I appreciate how meticulous Wendy’s is about cleanliness and disinfecteding everything that customers touch and eat off. Along with the rest of the establishment.

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  • Business only.

  • Have to work in a fast paced environment and has to develop multitasking skills and all stuff.

  • The company in Wendys is really good. lots of smiles , lots of productivity, managers always pushing the crew workers to the limit to provide the best quality that our customer deserves.

  • A very funny goofy enviroment

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  1. What is the company culture at The Wendy's Company?