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How is the process of an interview in Wendy's

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  • Apply in person or online, attend your interview and wait for a call back

  • Same as any other company when conducting an interview. Similar questions, nothing different

  • It is done on a Sunday with the Manager, with everyone else hearing your answers.

  • If you have any time availability, you're hired

  • Informal, comfortable reviewing process completed with General Manager

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  • When i went there the manager wasnt there she was gone to a trip
    so the other emloyee told me to come other time

    when she finally came

    she interviewed me as a how much experience do i have ?

    i was a fresher but i was very determined to work there with complete dedication and honesty

    so she kept me

    and it was great afterwards....

  • The process was a in-person interview with your typical questions. Friendly and not too long.

  • Want to know food service experience and if you can deal with the fast pace

  • I didn’t have one they hired me on the spot

  • Normal like every other interview

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  1. How is the process of an interview in Wendy's