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Maybe the good news: the cultivation team (or whatever is left of it--everyone dropping off like flies) was/is great.

The bad:

- you will get promised the moon, and you will keep believing it because of the good people in the back emotionally supporting you and each other

- NO LEADERSHIP. Anyone talented eventually realizes they're wasting their professional life. Anyone who stays is because they feel like they have nowhere to go, or have financial commitments they can't escape. There are only a handful of people who are not secretly looking for other jobs and they are likely the boss's friends

- bosses don't do anything meaningful, and all are friends who are too slack about their responsibilities while production staff are slaves and practically working for no money at all.

- unsafe. just minimizes seriousness of the hazards.

TIP: work here if you really are desperate to get some legal experience. But prepare to get crushed. They will appear nice and friendly though.
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