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This company is an interesting one. Be prepared to be sold on the idea that this company is a small start up focused on quality and that your roll will expand. You will be promised raises, more staff to complete daily tasks, and job security by upper management one day to be told you can all be replaced the next.
You wont be able to tour the facility before you decide to accept the job for any reason they can think of.

The ergonomics of the faclity are absolutely dismal at best with hallways too small, having too many people in small packaging rooms, grow room tables at unreachable distances and you'll be working on a sketchy scaffolding most of the day.

on the positive side I met some amazingly passionate people who made my days at this company. I would have struggled alot more mentally if the culture wasn't as strong as it is.

this LP is just like all the others.. they pay upper management amazingly (90-150k) while they do nothing and pay the growers who have insight, experience and passion about what their doing 14-17$ an hour.

Youll work here for 3 months and the "master grower" will make a bunch of mistakes, blame and fire you before you sign the contract they'll promise you in the last interview.

I wish everyone applying here luck and strength.
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Réponse officielle de Weed Me
2 juillet 2020
Thank you for your comments - your feedback is very important to us. We're sorry to hear that you are feeling this way and would like to make it better for you. We take every step to ensure that we are providing a safe and pleasant work environment for everyone who works at Weed Me Inc.
We ask that you please speak to management about any of your concerns so that we can address them immediately. Thanks very much!
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