Waste Connections of Canada
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Waste Connections of Canada?

9 réponses

You are given song and dance about culture but from sales mgmt to admin you have to be accepted by all. It is a recipe for failure. I saw another TM that only kissed admin butt as they can do no wrong. You are in the road all alone with them all trashing your efforts. Very much a clique.

Very old boys school but at the same time extremely girls school in office. Quite politically driven inside that influences your success outside.

Waste disposal and cleaning work make the environment clean and eliminate environmental pollution

Work well and private

It's an u healthy place to work people are fake nice to you until they feel they have no use for youEmployee turn over is weekly .They are firing people every week.Managment says they are trying to change that culture,they are not....Treating people like they have no value is business as usual...

They keep clean in our invironment and they care if the garbage is off the streets

Very political

Hostile, untrained managers, employees who have been there long get promoted to management with no training and it shows

Management is toxic, they say safety comes first but that’s a lie. They say 12 hours a day is your maximum. That is a lie as well. This is a “live to work” kind of job. They only care if the garbage is off the streets.

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