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Driver in Lancaster, ON
le 13 février 2020
Nice people
Low pay as layovers are long. You get sent on a job that you have to drive for over 1000 km and then you sit at the Destiination for anywhere from 1 to 3 days waiting for another load. Of course the time you said waiting for another load if you take it away from the time you’re actually driving the bottom line is that the money that you lose while sitting idol really cut into your bottom line. As you were paid by the kilometre if you sit for three days after driving 1000 kmYou are basically receiving $180 for four days pay.
Administrative assistant - office in Lancaster, ON
le 2 avril 2020
Fast, fun, competitive
manage the drivers, and training, keep track of drivers hours for payroll, test drivers for whmis. I was new at this job so I learned a lot but was able to use all my skills to their full potential. Workplace was good, hardest part of the job was listening to people yelling or arguing. The most enjoyable part of the job was the job it self I was always busy.
Driver/Delivery in Lancaster, ON
le 7 octobre 2019
Don’t work here
Former Employee. I work for a few days and come home for a few days but it turn out to be a week or longer. Sometimes they would give you 5-10 things to do in like 30 mins to a hour. This Company is not Organized. But also I heard a rumour after I left. That they will try to make you Quit then Firing people and that makes no sense. Never going back. I work with Company for 5 months. Bye
Professional Driver in Lancaster, ON
le 30 mai 2017
Enjoying the open road!
This is a path for someone who enjoys travel and seeing the unexpected. While in my employ I personally drove over 1 million kilometers in Canada and the US.
Professional Driver in Lancaster, Ontario
le 23 janvier 2013
Nothing like what they tell you in the interview.
They don't tell you that you spend 30% of your time away is parked in a truckstop. After 19 days on the road, I had 36 hours at home ONCE!
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