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Les gérant gère mal les employés et coupent les heure, les client manquent de respect et c’est pas agréable à travailler et les salaire sont beaucoup trop bas
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Love my walmart

I have been a cashier for 4.5 years at walmart and have recently seen again how supportive my management staff are to me ! I love my job !it is a lovely environment with lovely customers to serve

Points positifs

Bonus’s and company shares rrsp and discounts

Points négatifs

Hard in the feet
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Survival Job

My time at Walmart has been disappointing. Low wages, inconsistent schedules, and minimal benefits make it a challenging workplace. The pressure to meet unrealistic targets and the lack of job satisfaction contribute to a negative work environment. Limited opportunities for advancement and insufficient support for employees make Walmart a less-than-ideal place to build a career.

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You can survive

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Not enough training, Managers do not care about your personal wellbeing.
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Good place to work. It is a fast paced environment but the coworkers are good and mangers are nice. I like it here I would recommend anyone to work here
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Terrible workplace, unprofessional, UNORGANIZED and stressful

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing, you do so much for very little pay. Raises are up to management completely, when you get a raise, how much, etc. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management thinks you need to break your back making minimum wage to meet their poor planned deadlines. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It’s ok, would often hear co workers gossiping loudly about other workers in break rooms. Employees also act very unprofessional, they have very poor reaction skills. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Everyday it changes, mostly to cater to what the bosses want and how poorly prepared they are and get you to rush around last minute. Super stressful environment, not worth working here at all.
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Didn't get far with this company. Worked all shifts and tried my best. Worked through covid. Very communal environment. People get promotions from their community bosses.
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It was alright. Thing is, it's a pretty scary world out there now, and Prince Albert is gateway to the North. Many scary people are around, so I don't think people get paid nearly enough.
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Pretty good

I appreciate the opportunities for advancement, the comprehensive training programs, and the inclusive culture that values each team member. The supportive management and the sense of community among colleagues have made Walmart a standout place to work.
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The most toxic and unfair place where I have ever worked.

The business model of Walmart based on immigrants' cheap labour. They pay as less as possible but you should work harder than in other places. Really poor management. Finally the company absolutely doesn't care about employees.
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mngt shedules you more than what you put as your max as a parttime which makes it hard to balance if you are in school, needs 3 weeks notice when sometimes exam dates get posted in less than that
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Good experience,good service and salary. Good part time job for students,good experience and salary. It was my first job so very happy about that. Good luck
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Great first job

The work environment was busy but there was always supervisors or co-workers whom I could ask questions about my tasks. Great managers who both supervised and helped with many tasks.
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Walmart was a great company to work for when I started with the company . After working 23years with them . All I can say is stay as far away as you can . The family is gone out of the company, you are treated just like a number . Management (some ) at the Oshawa south store felt it was okay to gossip with associates about other associates . They would talk about peoples medical issues, call long-standing hard working associates liars and be openly insulting with them just on the basis of what the associates they were gossiping with said. It was a very toxic working environment. If I can give anyone advice go back to school , find something that will bring you joy and go and work for a place that will respect you and treat you right
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Good benefits for full time associates

If you are a full time the benefits are good, flexible hours and if you like working with people this is a good place to be as you will be working with all walks of life
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Pretty fun workplace

Ok place to work management is mostly good and will back you up when needed. Covid times were hellish but now that that’s over it’s a lot better. Not much to say it’s a minimum wage job. Benefits are decent.
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Productive workplace

Good place to start work and to develop as a person. Hours are not consistent but work is not to hard and coworkers on the team were supportive and engaging.
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Good place to work and learn from other associates that are working for a long time over there also get valuable experience that will help you in the future
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High Stress

High stress environment with constantly fluxuating standards. One day you may be expected to do one thing and then another day you're expected to do something completly different
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Not fun

Always push your limit. Every night don't have enough people, All those managers sit inside the room and do nothing, all the jobs will let the team do it!
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poor management and low pay

inferior management and too much work for the employees not much growth opportunitiesthe pay is meager when compared to other retail stores around.better to choose other organisation
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Its okay for the first job for international immigrants

Its a good job if you want to start somewhere sure, however it gets tough to progress into a senior role unless you have a good word in with the managers and front end managers keep changing
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