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Le travail erait assez difficile durant la premiere semaine, mais la majorité des employés vont t'aider à t'habituer rapidement. Le vube du travail va dependre des gens avec qui tu travailles.
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The workplace is okay, but the managers expect a lot more than what we are seemingly paid to do. It’s also extremely boring and there is obviously no drive or need for improvement once you start working there. It is extremely boring and most people seem stuck there.
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Not as it seems

Minimum wage is the starting point. Yearly evaluation gives you a MAXIMUM of 30 cents an hour. If minimum wage goes up, they don't consider your previous increases, you start at the bottom again. You get told that it's a team/family type business however, you don't dare say anything negative about anything! Worked there for 5-1/2 years and I've never been more disrespected in my life. They are all talk.

Points positifs

10% off

Points négatifs

Inconsistent, no real support
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Okay place

Okay place to work.. I guess its good student job but nothing more than that. Literally everything was okay. Some managers and coworkers I liked and some I didnt

Points positifs

Coworkers were fun

Points négatifs

Low pay
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People are great, Company is terrible

The company will go out of it's way to work you as much as possible without providing full-time positions or benefits. Most of the management is nice, but they are the ones abusing the companies policies to avoid giving workers anything close to what they are entitled to. It's rotten from the interchanging CEO's right down to the floor managers.
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Fun workplace but slow advancement opportunities

*Slow advancement opportunities *Open door policy always welcome and encouraged *Able to go to management with any problems *Excellent benefits for full-time employees
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Good place for first job

This job is great for your first employment opportunity for a store location.Pros:- Really easy going - Opportunity to progressCons:- Minimum wage job- Better wages at corporate
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Please, do not work at Walmart. People may say it’s a good place to start, but it reality they have managers who treat you very poorly, and who will cut hours without hesitation
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Don't expect flexibility and schedule commitment

I was hired in to work 9-6 with 2 regular days off. 8 months into my employment, they told us they were doing massive schedule restructuring. I do understand the need to reevaluate a schedule every now and again but they do this literally every 6 months. I was not told this when I was hired on and they hadn't done it in the 8 months I worked there. They tried to put me on a night shift, which, is incompatible with my family obligations. I told them I would have to find a new job. Finally, they came around and gave me my 9-6. But, in 6 months, I'm going to be begging to be a part of my daughter's life again. Not to mention the weekly "You're not reaching your numbers" talk. If it was just me, I could understand. But it is nearly all of us. And we get blamed for lack of time operating in our work (personal shopper) on the floor, even when we don't have the orders to satisfy the requirement. During a blizzard, I was blamed for not having enough time on the floor. They actually pulled me to stock instead my own job. They literally sit you down and make you "explain yourself". I have never felt so degraded at a job. I am looking for a new job.
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Easy job

Requires physical labor, but the job is not stressful at all. Compared to the other big box stores, Walmart pays the least especially when I compare with my friends that work elsewhere. However, the job is very stable and there is almost no chance of getting fired especially since the salary isn’t too competitive.

Points positifs

Easy working environment

Points négatifs

Low salary compared to the competition
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Not to bad

Not bad place but the pay isn't fair and now seems it's only benefit certain people and you just need to read between the lines or look around and see setting is changed and not for the better.
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Horrible place for long time work, just passing for short term.

Management very distant from staff, most departments completely understaffed, no disciplines for absences at all, cut hours constantly. I wouldn't suggest working here if you're looking for a decent job, maybe just for a couple months until you find any other job.
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Unorganized workplace and uncompetent managers

I worked there about 1 year and 6 months, I would say that when I first came, I was completely lost and the training was terrible because be have to do computer based learning and there was a lack of humain training on the field. The training on the field was very bad because, we almost didn't have explanations and we had to figure out most things alone. Sometimes, the lead cashiers would send us to our breaks too late or even forgets them. The managers are uncompetent, they don't really help you when you need help and mostly forgets you because they say they are too busy to help. The schedule was very complicated and was made on computer, it was very hard to change your schedule because you have to alert them about 1 month earlier. Sometimes, the system doesn't schedule you on your availability dates. The customers at walmart are one of the worst ones, because they are mostly impatient and annoying. I would say that the coworkers I had were very friendly and I made many good connections. I would not recommend working at Walmart, It is an unpleasant workplace.
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Productive and fun place to work with tennis table.

I like the fact that they give me an employee discount and I get to drink all of the expired chocolate milk and potato chips that I want, although I'm not allowed to take them home.
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Support international students

Pros - Have been supporting international students in getting their initial part time jobs and eventually their PR by providing Required Category jobs . - No one force you to work or pressurize you to achieve target and you can work at your own pace except in some departments .- flexible shift timings and break hours are satisfactory even though they are not paid.- employee discount cards are provided and once in a month there will be 20 % discount too to all employees Cons - underpaid , walmart is paying their employees just few cents above the basic pay and there are no chances of increments whatsoever . - even the managers are paid just a few cents more than the normal associates.- favouritism is common in almost all stores and how hard you work doesn't matter if your manager is not pleased with you .
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Walmart job is very stressful with not sufficient salary. They aspect a lot from department manager. They don’t provide proper training to there staff.

Points positifs

Profit share

Points négatifs

Less hourly wage
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Great people loved environment

Loved working there people were great very nice made lots of friend not enough hours wish I could have been working more then 1 day a week but apparently it wasn't happening 😕 .
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Everyone sucks

Everyone is lazy and managers over work you and burn you out not a great place to work at. Even the store manager is lazy but still expects everyone to more than they should
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Busy, great staff and management

When you come to the store just be yourself and be honest in the interview process. I went from being a stocker to a support manager within a few weeks. If you work hard you can be all you can be working for this employer.
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Managers dont communicate very well

Lots of young kids work there .dont do the job properly stand around and talk slack off and aren't held accountable. It's a free for all.Managers have their favorites

Points positifs

Low pay

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Always something to do!

I enjoyed my time at Walmart where I was always busy and felt my tasks were accomplishable yet still engaging. The culture overall is great! It's great to be able to help people every day.
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