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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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C'est un endroit idéal pour apprendre la base du service à la clientèle.

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C'est un endroit idéal pour apprendre la base du service à la clientèle. Personnels très agréables et amicaux. Bonne expérience.

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Travail d'équilibre et bonne ambiance

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Toxic work environment

Very toxic work place. Management is useless. The long term employees will bully the hard workers to force them out. Always talking behind your back. Very low pay for work they want done.Felt very underappreciated.
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Decent workplace

It's a retail job so it is about what you would expect. Good coworkers, no bad experiences with management, the work isn't too draining or anything. Ok place to work.
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sub par workplace

the experience was subpar or you can say it was average. it used to get busy at times like any other store but how your job feels like depends on your manager.
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A good start for a beginner in Canada!

Easy and clear if English is low. Managers are friendly and help to understand all the nuances of work. I would like a higher salary, but for the minimum wage you perform tasks with a minimum level of responsibility. Mostly a young and friendly team.
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Company treats you well, the job itself not so much...

I had a generally good experience working with Marlborough Walmart. Really good hours (around 30-35 as a part-timer), friendly faces among co-workers. My department was extremely busy however, as unless inventory is coming up or another space crisis occurs (these happen occasionally), you will be working with 2 other people at most during your shifts, and there are a fair amount of duties to cover, across 2 departments. Customers can vary from being pleasant to... unpleasant, and tend to be the difference between finishing all your tasks or having to leave it for the next day. The real problem I think I faced however, was the aforementioned space crisis- where orders will be placed that aren't needed for at least a week and shoved into the coolers/freezers... leaving no space for yourself unless you take them out. This pain is most apparent when an item you need is at the very back... this will happen more often than anyone would like. I should also mention I don't believe they provide any proper training unless its electric pallet jack training, though you can usually just ask a co-worker to show you the ropes. I don't think I've ever had issues outside of those I mentioned, besides with other co-workers, but that's normal I think. That and feeling drained, both mentally and physically, depending on how busy the day is. If you think these things won't bother you, I'd suggest you apply. If you do... maybe leave this as a last resort? By the time I left, it felt like handles on things were going downhill... do with that information what you will...
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A mostly good place but not the best

Walmart is a good place to work. They are very good about when u can and can't work. They only things that there are bad about is the pay is kinda low for the jobs they make you do and they push there employees to try and get stuff done

Points positifs

Discount card

Points négatifs

Low wage
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Working at Walmart has been challenging as they cut your hours every year after Christmas. You can not survive alone on there hourly pay unless your full-time.
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Good if you’re stuck for a job

If you need to make some money it’s ok. If you are willing to devote all of your life to this place there may be a possibility of advancement. But overall, poor pay and very little recognition for hard work.

Points positifs

You can work overnights with no customers

Points négatifs

Bad management
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Good Workplace

Good to learn and grow. Lot of learning involved in interacting with Customers and Managers. Work life balance is also another plus point and benefits.
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Honestly, you can find a better place to be working than this hole.

Low pay, terrible management. Benefits, barely any. Tons of empty words spread about about good things coming. Walmart here doesn't care about the needs of its associates and there is a ton of lackluster performance.

Points positifs

You get to go home after your shift.

Points négatifs

It's Walmart
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Productive fast paced place to work

I can say I love my job and my coworkers. I’ve tried out a few different departments and enjoyed helping each other at work. Customers can be rude at times but also really great other times.
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Not a good place to work anymore

It used to be a great company to work for but has been steadily declining for the last few years. They are constantly short staffed and over work the remaining staff.
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Judemental location, not supportive of disability changes

I was struck by an unknown neurological issue, they told me they couldn't accommodate any position changes as I was hired as a cashier and had to remain as one, or quit. I had to quit..
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Fun workplace.

Good workplace. Management is helpful and helps in various Ways to employees. There are breaks and schedules are made properly and can be helpful if you are a student.
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Productive and supportive

My only issues with working for Walmart was that it was difficult to call in sick as you had to do so through the company website itself. So, basically, you had to be at work to call in sick.
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Good starter job for students, etc

Managers can be kind and helpful if you require any assistance. It is a great job if you are a student, otherwise the pay is not that great if you are working full time and want to make a living.

Points positifs

Free food events

Points négatifs

Lots of physical work
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Productive workplace

Nice people good culture Collaborative environment, can be very stressful during peak season. Overall a great place to work especially overnight. Management is very understanding
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Just okay for part time jobs

There is no flexibility with respect to time. Management is very bad. They are biased towards some employees. Part time workers are exploited. No free lunch or snacks.

Points positifs

Didn’t find any
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Good jon

working for walmart was great. like any retail position there are good days and bad days. the management was wonderful and the staff friendly. i would recommend.
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Great co workers

Greats Co workers but stressful job sometimes. Been working there for a while now and the work is not something hard but sometimes you get extra work.
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