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Why would you want to work at Walmart?

422 réponses

Oui tout est convenable pour moi

For better future

Not nécessarly it give a opportunity to have expéreience

Because is paye good

They franchise is self sufficient and has an enormous profit margin. The day to day in each store shouldn't be far from a basic atmosphere in any other store. Introducing a few key components into they're beastly Goliath like franchise will the keep the Wal Mart going to decades, get in and move up from within.

I like Walmart, I think it is a good opportunity for me to work there. I want to get the enhance my knowledge regarding the different foods.

I would like to work with Walmart, because it it's big company,to extend my experience,I like Walmart.

They take basically anyone. So a good place to get work. Hours long though and the managers are not real managers mostly just people who have been there a long time.

Very friendly people

It is good place which satisfy basic needs of people

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