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What is the work environment and culture like?

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  • Friendly and responsible

  • Work environment in very freindley

  • I work in Walmart Tsawwassen as produce associate. Store Manager and all ASM are down to earth personalities. They all listen to you and sort out problems . The environment is too good to work .We all (The store manager n ASMs) work together which inspires n make environment more comfortable. I wish (Tsawwassen )Walmart always on top.

  • Management is too heavy to many managers giving different directions and not enough staff to complete all the work assignments.Better places to work for more money.Winnipeg mb soon to be former employee

  • Need to train store managers how to treat people with respect.Depending on the store management it can be a very negative work environment

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  • Multicultural and a strong safety driven environment

  • The working at the Walmart is biggest merchandise in the world is my dream. The Walmart is treated their employees very fairly with respect and values. Its a very safe and friendly and customer service place.

  • The environment is pretty unique where we deed to handle stuff at different locations with temperature change as well as the people from different cultures help you find different ways of working and getting mixed up to their culture in a good way

  • Work environment is very friendly and multicultural . everybody is always ready to help each others.

  • The work environment and culture is horrible. they do not treat you well.

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  1. What is the work environment and culture like?