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What is the company culture at Walmart?

8 réponses

  • I like job in Walmart bcz I want to enhance my knowledge and experience about products

  • I love to work at walmart it nice to work ill meet new people work with people

  • Quite a mixture of culture at Walmart. Have learned a lot over the years and has been a positive experience.

  • Very diverse company, everyone worked well together, however there was a bit of a language barrier due to the fact that some that were hired did not speak the language very well.

  • Employees are great but management are not a good quality

  • It's amazing! I met so many friends through Walmart, many of which i still regularly talk to even after leaving Walmart,

  • Diverse it is.

  • Very enthusiastic, helpful and exciting. Associates are eager to help each other and grow as a team to provide the customer with excellent service.

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