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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Walmart pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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  • Make it very friendly and group discussion

  • Payé davantage les employés en succursale. Désolé, mais je crois que les employés ne sont pas assez payés pour leurs tâches et les clients arrogants, violents et méchants.

  • Make it attractive to all age brackets and persons with any disorders

  • My advice to him is to first of all make sure that he cost all the products that he is into, and make sure ur proper account of what ever you are doing so that ur will not run at lost and introducing new product

  • I would like to see at least $15.00 an hour plus , to keep up with the economy, and benefits for EI to fall back on .

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  • Self serve staff should be more professional as they serve the front line of the store which represents an image as to the reputation you are trying to obtain and maintain. Every employee along with CEO and management should strive to achieve. I had occasion to use the self serve today and to my dismay one of your employees came to assist instead ended up doing the check out and chewing gum with your mouth wide open and talking to me at the same time this was a very displeasing and insulting to me. Hopefully your other staff members have better manners then this.

  • Make sure your management follow the return policies as written. Don't give in to rude, obnoxious customers who curse out loud at everyone in site. Your Home office should not give them what they want just because they complain. Walmart needs to respect the staff. Have seen too many times customers being rude to staff for no reason, just because they think they can get away with it.

  • Make it friendly

  • Make people happy and and give this one this job and not the other

  • Talk the the person on that wants to apply in person

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  1. Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de Walmart pour améliorer l'entreprise?