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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Walmart?

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Get rid of some of the manages that don't do dam think

Managment treat the hard working associates like garbage and the lazy ones like they couldn't be replaced.

Treat your employees with some respect and dignity. They are humans, not machines, just a reminder. Actually have proper training for employees.. CBLs don't teach. Instead of barking orders and demanding something, how about asking.. If there is a task to be done, how about managers and supervisors actually lend a helping hand instead of breathing down their neck and then get ticked at the employee because it didn't get done. And the list goes on

Évidemment,la clientèle est la priorité.Un service impeccable,sourire et surtout aidé le client a trouver ce qu' il cherche même ai ce n est pas "leur "département. Prendre au moins la peine de trouver qqn pour aider le client et donnez un service rapide.Rendre l "expérience "de magasiner da une grande surface plus personnaliser.Beaucoup de gens vont ds des boutiques plus petites pour le service plus personnel.

Maybe start respecting your employees more and quit treating them like they’re children. We don’t constantly need to be sternly talked to for little mistakes. We are all human....mistakes are going to be made! Instead of rolling your eyes/yelling/coaching someone for some tiny mistake how about treating them with respect and teaching them how to do something properly next time?

Management is good and helping

Bring back the old Walmart way.

Stand up for your employees

This is the company if you are looking for overtime

Make survey about customers satisfaction and requirements

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