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Are working hours flexible for students?

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Yes, I can do work on Wednesday anytime and from Friday to Sunday anytime.

Yes..and i m able to do any type of work at any time i.e.can do night shifts if this is possible.

Yes am flexible to work.

For my point of view I think it is the best place to work and especially for students

Yes but if you hire for someone to apply even not student to deserve for that position?

Yes,strongly agree

For elders part time afternoon till two to four hrs

It suppose to be flexible hours for students bcoz school is priority for them along with 20 hours per week, but it depends on what days they are free to work, I think all the shopping centers should give the work to the students as it is legal. They can also survive in this country

Yes ,they give flexible schedule to students.

Flexibility of hours depends upon the hours of school and number of days people work .so students mostly tries their best to achieve and adjust with this flexible hours scheldule

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