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4,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Depuis ses débuts, Wajax s'est engagée à créer un environnement de travail favorable, où chaque membre de l'équipe se sent valorisé, soutenu et encouragé à atteindre son plein potentiel. L'entreprise reconnaît que ses employés sont sa plus grande richesse, et c'est pourquoi elle place leur bien-être au cœur de ses préoccupations.Chez Wajax, les employés ne sont pas seulement des ressources, mais des partenaires dans la réussite de l'entreprise. Des programmes de formation et de développement professionnel sont mis en place pour favoriser la croissance individuelle et collective. Chacun a la possibilité d'explorer de nouvelles compétences, de relever des défis et d'évoluer dans sa carrière.Les perspectives d'évolution chez Wajax ne sont pas seulement des promesses en l'air, mais une réalité tangible. L'entreprise encourage la mobilité interne et favorise la promotion interne chaque fois que possible. Elle reconnaît et récompense le talent, l'engagement et le dévouement de ses employés.Ensemble, chez Wajax, nous construisons un avenir prometteur, où chacun peut s'épanouir professionnellement et personnellement. Rejoignez-nous et faites partie d'une équipe où il fait bon travailler et où les opportunités d'évolution sont réelles.

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Happy with Job and Management

I genuinely enjoy my job here. The management is supportive, and my colleagues are fantastic. I’m pleased with my salary and the work hours are ideal, fitting perfectly with my life. The short commute is another benefit that makes my job here ideal.
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Exceptional Work Environment

I'd rate my experience at Wajax as outstanding across the board. The company culture and work environment are exceptional. I appreciate the flexibility offered, allowing for a great work-life balance. The compensation and opportunities for raises are also very satisfying.
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Welcoming and Professional Atmosphere

• Positive Workplace.• Supportive Management• Great Team Dynamics• Job Stability• Overall Satisfaction.• Great workplace.• Good culture and enjoyable.
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Comprehensive Satisfaction in Every Aspect

Wajax is top-notch when it comes to work environment, balance, and pay. They consistently score a 10/10 in all categories:• Positive and collaborative culture.• Great work-life balance.• Excellent pay and frequent raises.• Supportive management.• Comprehensive training and development opportunities.
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Decent Pay, Average Training Opportunities

The job offers good pay and a flexible 14 days on/off schedule, which is great for personal time. However, don’t expect much in terms of advanced training. The mechanics are friendly, but the shop management could use some improvement.
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Supportive Management and Employee Growth

My experience here was fantastic! The company truly values its employees. They offer support and training opportunities. It's a place where you feel encouraged to grow and excel in your career.
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Family-Oriented Company, Great Benefits

Working at the front desk was a joy. The company is very family-oriented with excellent benefits. It's a friendly and respectful environment. I loved greeting customers and handling daily tasks.
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Great Work Environment and Culture

I really enjoy my job at Wajax Power Systems. The learning opportunities are immense, though job security can be uncertain during slow periods. The wages could be better, but the work environment compensates for it.
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It used to be a great place but it's gone downhill

What is the best part of working at the company?The pay is good, benefits and perks are very good. When training actually happened, it was in depth and well preparedWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Fairly typical, employer says one thing, does another. Safety program consists of signing papers and not much actual safety. Employee concerns are listened to until they cost the company money. Extreme lack of direction, poor management teamWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Clique. Fit in or move on. Be watchful of underhanded people trying to get ahead
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Management is behind in times

If you're looking for money and not to truly learn or progress in your trade, its a great place for that, its more of a backyard mechanic type setting in the Fort Mcmurray branch, the other mechanics are great to work with, the shop foreman's don't have much say in the operation of the shop it seems, expect to have work booked in and know one truly knows why its at the shop or it seemed to be that way for over the last two years now, Expect to see fights between departments like Maintenance and Parts (daily), the upper management doesn't seem to know much of what else goes on from day to day, Don't expect to get factory training or any true training at the branch if your working on the equipment side (Powersystem's seemed to get some training), they do supply some tools, depending on who you share the truck with it might be clean (on average they aren't), no accountability seems to be a on-going thing here as well.I was told it was a very sought out job a few years back, i would only recommend this job if you only wanted easy money and work 14 days on 14 days off and on days off forget about the place.

Points positifs

Good Money, Friendly mechanics, Most are willing to help out (Mechanics)

Points négatifs

Management, Fighting between departments, No accountability
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Productive and good work experience

What is the best part of working at the company?Good team work and nice job environment What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Relationships with some suppliers What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Good work environment , I worked there during pandemic time so I couldn’t appreciate the social activities they have. We we’re isolated .What is a typical day like for you at the company?I worked as accounting clerk for the account payable department.I was treating invoices.
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Great place to work and learn.

What is the best part of working at the company?Pay, benefits, vacation time, education and respect.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Always courses and education to learn.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Excellent, we really work well as a Team.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Busy but enjoy the challenges of the day.
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Very Stressful Workplace

While I enjoyed my time at the Wajax Mount Pearl, NL location over 11 years of employment, I am very glad that I chose to leave my job there.There is a new branch manager there that can be difficult to work for. There is too much inter office drama and personality clashes there. The expectations that are placed on you are unrealistic, there is too much expected for one person to manage the parts department there.You are solely responsible for all of the day to day tasks and activities of the parts department. They have also brought in a new M3 computer system which is very difficult to work with and not very user friendly.You will be paid salary and expected to punch long hours of work as one person to get it all done within a day if not you will get buried in work and your stress levels will go up.I’m not a disgruntled former employee however being told by the regional vice president that you’re overpaid isn’t a very nice comment to hear even in a joking way.Make your decision carefully when choosing to work there.
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People Focused Organization

Wajax is all about putting its people first, creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and motivated. This focus on employees not only boosts satisfaction but also sparks innovation and collaboration, driving success for both the company and its team. And on top of that, Wajax offers competitive compensation and benefits to make sure everyone is rewarded fairly for their hard work and dedication. Wajax is an excellent place to work!

Points positifs

Strong leadership team, passionate employees and competitive compensation package
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Good company

Guys on the floor are great to work with. Management has been through rough patches but they try make an effort to take care of their employees. Do your job and go home.
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Stable Exciting Place to Work

Wajax prioritizes employee well-being and has comprehensive benefits, equitable compensation, and supportive leadership. There are ample opportunities for growth and development, complemented by the Women of Wajax ERG, providing additional resources and support for women's professional careers and advancement, making it a truly empowering workplace. Wajax is continuously improving which is one of their core values. As such there is no lack of new exciting things to get involved in. This is a great place for curious driven people who love a challenge. It's also a stable company...it's older than Canada (formed in 1858!) and Canadian-owned and operated.

Points positifs

Benefits and Compensation; development opportunities; stable; growing; Canadian owned

Points négatifs

Need to be a person open to change and innovation, if you are not this may not be the place for you.
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Fantastic Group of People

Wajax really lives their company motto, of "Together we get more done " I find that a team philosophy is a priority in the company culture. Sharing of knowledge is rewarded from newcomers as well as the sharing of knowledge from the seasoned employees that fosters a strong learning environment.Also important to me is the diversity of Wajax in particular their Women of Wajax initiative. Its amazing to see capable and talented women working in positions that may have been traditionally considered a male job, excelling at their craft and enriching the environment they work in.Well done Wajax !

Points positifs

Great Team, very positive work environment and solid future.
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Very good place to work

Wajax is a good place to work. The company itself is a good employer with many benefits. The pension from day one is great. The health benefits and boot and tool allowance are good. The hours of employment are great with the occasional overtime when needed. The summer BBQ's are a nice perk before a long weekend. The flexibility that is sometimes needed for personal issues is usually something that can be worked around. Overall a good place to work.

Points positifs

Pension, tool and boot allowances, good people to work with and for

Points négatifs

Sometimes lacking with information from sales and engineering to the technicians on the floor
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A family like feeling business that is driven to empower people to build a better tomorrow.

Wajax have everything you will need in a job. Good hours, good people, great culture, challenging opportunities that can help unlock an individuals potential.There is always new opportunities to explore and new things to learn everyday. Wajax has been dedicated to making this a people first company and it has really starter to show with Iggy as CEO. This is an exciting company to work at and should be a company people want to work for going forward.

Points positifs

Job culture and job security

Points négatifs

Just below competitive salary - need to catch up there still
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Good benefits and pensiion plan . Good to learn

Good company to work. Good benefits and pension. Little bit unorganized. Lots of travel to the side job, even via airplane . Lots of opportunity to learn.
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